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On Tuesday, February 7, in an international conference at the European parliament in Brussels with the presence of prominent U.S. and European figures and senior members of the European parliament from various political groups, it was disclosed that at the behest of the Iranian regime, the Iraqi government is attempting to turn Camp Liberty, the new location in the suburb of Baghdad where Ashraf residents have agreed to relocate to, into a prison.

Jim Higgins, member of the European Parliament presided over the meeting. Mrs. Maryam Rajavi,  the President-elect of the Iranian Resistance; Alejo Vidal-Quadras, Vice President of the European parliament; Struan Stevenson, President of Delegation for Relations with Iraq of the European Parliament; Howard Dean, former Chairman of the U.S. Democratic Party; John Bruton, former Prime Minister of Ireland and former EU Ambassador to U.S.; Patrick Kennedy, U.S. Congressman (1995-2011); and Senator Robert Torricelli (1997-2003), were among speakers to this intercontinental conference.

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Dwindling Time, Rising Tension Make Iran Top Fear
ABC News

The United States and its allies believe the window to stop Iran from building a bomb is quickly closing, pushing conflict with the Islamic republic to the top of the Obama administration's national security worries in the midst of an election year. Read On... 

Sanctions Start To Affect Iran's Oil Shipping Ahead Of Embargo
Fox News

Though a full European embargo on Iran's crude oil won't be in force until mid-year, a ban on new insurance and shipping on Iranian oil is throwing spanners in the trade as shippers join some oil majors in stopping their dealings with Tehran..  Read On.... 

Iran Reportedly Cuts Off Access to Secure Internet Sites
PC Magazine

Authorities in Iran are reportedly blocking access to secure, encrypted Web sites, which include things like online banking and any others sites using the HTTPS protocol.  Read On... 

Saudi Arabia threatens to go nuclear if Iran does
Fox News

Saudi Arabia would launch a military nuclear program immediately if Iran successfully developed atomic weapons, The Times of London reported Friday. Read On... 

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