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In an international conference held in Paris on Friday, January 6, 2012  at the invitation of the French Committee for Democracy and Human Rights in Iran, dozens of distinguished American and European personalities and former senior officials of the past two administrations in the United State took part.
The participants warned about obstructions by the Iranian regime and non-cooperation by the Government of Iraq to prevent a peaceful solution to materialize for Camp Ashraf crisis.

The participants also stressed on the fact that the government of Iraq is relying on FTO listing of MEK to legitimize its oppressive measures against the residents of Camp Ashraf.

At the end the participants called for an international conference to be held in Europe with representative of residents, UN Secretary General Envoy, Martin Kobler and a representative from Iraqi government to discuss a solution.
Following is a partial list of speakers.  You can go here for complete text of speeches. (Click here)

  • Alain Vivian
  • Ambassador Mitchell Reiss
  • Governor Tom Ridge
  • Governor Howard Dean
  • Judge Michael Mukasey
  • Governor Ed Rendell
  • Ambassador Dell Dailey
  • Ambassador John Bolton
  • Philippe Douste-Blazy
  • Dr. Rita Süssmuth
  • Profesor Ruth Wedgwood
  • Professor Alan Dershowitz
  • Director Louis Freeh
  • Dr. Gunter Verheugen
  • Patrick Kennedy
  • General Conway
  • General David Phillips
  • General Chuck Wald
  • Colonel Wesley Martin
  • Senator Lucio Malan

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Iran group say US responsible for members in Iraq

PARIS, Jan 6 (Reuters) - The leader of an Iranian dissident group in Iraq said on Friday the United States would be responsible for any harm that came to 3,000 of its members who could be forcefully moved to a camp outside Baghdad that they describe as a prison. Read On... 

Iran Sentences Ex-U.S. Marine to Death
Time World

An Iranian court has convicted an American man of working for the CIA and sentenced him to death, state radio reported Monday, in a case adding to the accelerating tension between the United States and Iran. Read On... 

AI: Iran must halt execution of US national in 'spying' case
Amnesty International

The lives of political detainees on death row in Iran are hanging in the balance this month. Read On... 

Iran Starts Uranium Enrichment Underground
Voice of America
Iran has confirmed it has started uranium enrichment at a second facility where the material can be upgraded quickly for potential use in a nuclear bomb. Read On...
Preventing a Humanitarian Catastrophe at Camp Ashraf, From Word to Action
The Huffington Post

The last days of 2011 ended with a good humanitarian news; in theory at least. The case in point was the fate of 3300 defenseless Iranian dissidents in Camp Ashraf, Iraq. Read On... 

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