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The Washington Post editorial piece Wednesday, advocating State Department's view on Camp Ashraf was misguided.

The State Department has been pressuring the residents of Camp Ashraf and their leaders to relocate to a different location in Iraq without the necessary international guarantees and protections obviously required. 

More than being worried about the lives of 3400 residents of the camp, the department is concerned about getting the subject matter out of its hair. The piece is written to cover-up department's lack of action with regards to United States' responsibilities and commitments and instead aims to behead 3400 unarmed and defenseless Iranian exiles in Iraq who once made the mistake of trusting the United States.


The residents, following two massacres in Ashraf, know well not to trust Maliki and his government.  They receive considerable international attention in Camp Ashraf and they think they are safer there than any other place in Iraq unless international safeguards and protective force can be provided. 


The Department of State cannot expect 3400 residents of Ashraf commit suicide suggesting they to go into a dark alley, where no one can see or hear them, and put themselves at the mercy of Nouri al-Maliki and his Iranian partners while the United States looks away.

The State Department should refer to historical documents about Warsaw ghettos and Armenian massacre to see what happens to those who agree to move peacefully to unknown locations listening to the words of wisdom from apparently concerned but truly misinformed or mal-intended parties. 


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Parties join forces for Camp Ashraf refugees
CBC News

Government and opposition MPs are joining forces to call for assistance for 3,400 refugees - predominantly Iranians -facing expulsion from Iraq's Camp Ashraf. Read On...


White House talks on Iraq's Camp Ashraf draw protesters
CNN Politics

Several prominent Americans joined Iranian opposition activists Monday in a noisy demonstration outside the White House, urging President Obama to discuss what may soon happen at a refugee camp as the United States leaves Iraq. Read On...


As U.S. Withdraws From Iraq, We Must Still Keep Our Promise to the Residents of Camp Ashraf
Fox News

While administration spin-miesters are promoting the so-called deepening strategic partnership between the United States and Iraq, an emboldened and increasingly defiant Maliki is quickly moving forward with sinister preparations of his own that threaten to jettison President Obama's mission-accomplished moment. Read On... 

Cheney: Obama has not acted to stop Iran nukes
CBS News

Former Vice President Dick Cheney said today he feared Iran was expanding its influence in the Persian Gulf region at the same time that the United States is withdrawing forces from Iraq and Afghanistan, and said he has not seen the Obama administration do anything to stop Tehran from building a nuclear weapon. Read On... 

Ted Poe nudges Iranian opposition group seeking refuge in Iraq to return home to 'remove their totalitarian government'

Falling back on his classic catch-phrase dubbing Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad as the "Little Tyrant from the Desert," Poe gives the group a nudge to return to their homes in Iran to "remove their totalitarian government." Read On... 

Bay Area Iranian-Americans fear forced closure of Iraq's Camp Ashraf will lead to a massacre
Mercury News

For years, a Bay Area couple had been trying to publicize the danger that dissidents from their native Iran faced at a camp across the border in Iraq. Then, in April, Parviz and Ensieh Yazdanpanah's greatest fear came true in a very personal way: Their adopted daughter was one of three dozen unarmed people killed at Camp Ashraf by Iraqi troops. Read On... 

Un-Sacred Alliance
The Huffington Post

It was after Iraq's elections in February 2009 when Nouri al- Maliki visited Tehran to thank the head of Iran's Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, for his supports leading to reinstate al-Maliki in his position as the Prime Minister of Iraq. Read On... 

'Democracy in Iraq'; a Fading Illusion as U.S. Departs
Stop Fundamentalism

The fate of residents of Camp Ashraf in Iraq, will soon determine whether the US and the Coalition forces were in fact successful to bring democracy to Iraq or will this country be falling back into another dark era of tyrannical rule as western forces leave the country before the end of the year. Read On... 

Iranian president targeted by shoe thrower

A 45-year-old textile worker who has been out of work for a year threw his shoes Monday at Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to protest not having received unemployment benefits, an Iranian website reported.  Read On... 

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