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Iran Update



We are delighted to present you with the current issue of Iran Update, a publication of International Solidarity for Democratic Change in Iran (ISDCI). 

Iraq - UN calls for more time
UN News Center

The United Nations envoy for Iraq today voiced concern over the situation in a camp housing several thousand Iranian exiles.  Read On... 


Security Council

U.N. Wants Iraq to Extend Iranian Dissidents' Camp Deadline - AP 

U.N. urges states to take Iranian dissidents in Iraq - Reuters 

UN asks Iraq to extend dissident camp deadline - AFP 

Kobler: Lives Are at Stake, Must be Protected - Stop Fundamentalism

Rohrabacher presses State on future of Iranian exiles
The Washington Times

The Iraqi government is using the State Department's terrorist designation of a group of Iranian dissidents as an excuse to crack down on the unarmed exiles in their camp north of Baghdad, a top Republican lawmaker said Tuesday. Read On... 

Iranian-Americans Launch Television Ad Campaign About Camp Ashraf
PR Newswire

The campaign to prevent another massacre at Camp Ashraf took a major step today with the launch of a television ad campaign running in the Washington, DC metropolitan area.  Read On... 

Protection of Camp Ashraf must be US final act in Iraq
The Hill

The humanitarian issue of Camp Ashraf, Iraq has crossed party lines in the US, UK and EU. Read On... 

Britain Must Show Tehran Some TeethHeadline
The Huffington Post

If reminders of the bestial nature of the mullahs' regime were needed, events in Tehran last week did not disappoint. Read On... 

World needs to act on Camp Ashraf

Camp Ashraf is a Srebrenica in the making and the world has a duty to act. Read On... 


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