Volume: 1 - Issue:  18311 November 2011
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Iran Update



 We are delighted to present you with the current issue of Iran Update, a publication of International Solidarity for Democratic Change in Iran (ISDCI). 

Can West Avoid War with Iran?
Stop Fundamentalism

For years Iranian dissidents and opposition members living abroad have advocated a change of policy in the west towards Iran.  A policy that will set aside the already failed policy of appeasement and take a firm and strong stance against Iranian mullahs' behavior that boils down to terrorism and nuclear weapons development in the international arena and internally translates to the vicious clampdown of the Iranian people and any dissent. Read On... 

General Shelton: First and foremost the U.S. must remove the MEK from the Foreign Terrorist Organization List

Today, time is of the essence.  If we are to prevent a disaster in camp Ashraf, we have 56 days left, and that includes the holidays. Read On... 

No.1 US priority in Middle East: regime change in Iran
The Christian Science Monitor

Change in Iran would transform the region as a whole and is a goal on which virtually all US allies agree. So why is Obama so reticent to take a strong stance? Freedom cannot be won through timidity. Here are several key steps for a US-led effort to help make the regime crack. Read On... 

A matter of honor
The Washington Times

We are faced with another moral situation in which we gave our word to protect the Iranian main opposition group, the MEK at Camp Ashraf, Iraq. Read On... 

I Won't Let Iran Get Nukes
The Wall Street Journal

The International Atomic Energy Agency's latest report this week makes clear what I and others have been warning about for too long: Iran is making rapid headway toward its goal of obtaining nuclear weapons. Read On... 

Hezbollah leader blasts US over Iran, Syria, Hariri

Hezbollah chief Hassan Nasrallah accused the United States on Friday of ramping up pressure on Iran and Syria as a way to deflect attention from what he called Washington's "searing defeat" in Iraq. Read On... 

Iraq Wants Ashraf Residents Relocated by End of Year
The Epoch Times

Iraq has declared that it will close Camp Ashraf by Dec. 31 and relocate-using force if necessary-the approximately 3,400 Iranian refugees who live there. Read On... 

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SHELTON: Ending hypocrisy of terrorist designation

Tehran's foes, unfairly maligned 

US Senator Kerry: 'All options' open on Iran plot 


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