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Iran Update



We are delighted to present you with the current issue of Iran Update, a publication of International Solidarity for Democratic Change in Iran (ISDCI). 

NPR: NEAL CONAN Interview with governor Howard Dean

CONAN:  Joining us now from Burlington, Vermont, is the former governor of New - of Vermont, excuse me, Howard Dean, who we've been talking about, one of the people who've been described as supporters of the Mujahedeen-el-Khalq. And Governor Dean, nice to have you back on the program. Read On... 

UK Progressive Agrees with FOX News OpEd
UK Progressive

No, there are no icicles forming in hell. Some stories require broader coverage. Read On... 

Taking 'missteps' toward Iran and Iraq?
Fox News Video

Video: interview with Judge Mukasey on FOX News.  Watch Video...

The Washington Times

U.S. supporters of unarmed Iranian dissidents in Iraq are mounting a campaign to persuade the State Department to remove the exiles from its terrorist list and protect them from retaliation by pro-Iranian officials in Baghdad. Read On... 

Iran snipers in Syria as part of crackdown
The Telegraph

Iranian snipers have been deployed in Syria as part of an increasingly brutal crackdown on protests against the rule of President Bashar al-Assad, according to a former member of the regime's secret police. Read On... 

Dear Secretary Clinton, Saving 3400 MEK Lives is not a Political Decision
Intellectual Conservative

Hopefully Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will make the right decision and remove the Iranian opposition organization MEK from the State Department's list of terrorist organizations. Read On... 

Elizabeth Rubin: "Yellow Journalist" Par-Excellence
Stop Fundamentalism

Any designation review should be based only on terrorism issues, not on the general U.S. government view of the organization in question. If the decision to designate a group is made on foreign policy considerations rather than evidence, then the list will be branded as a political instrument, thus reducing its utility.  Read On... 

Biggest threat to Iraq? Iran-backed militias, not Al Qaeda, says US 
The Christian Science Monitor

The series of bombings that hit Iraq Monday bear the markings of Al Qaeda, but in the long term, Iran-backed militias are a greater problem, says a top US military official.  Read On... 

Stop Iraq's massacre at Camp Ashraf
Mail Online

Now once more our determination is tested as acute situations with thousands of civilian lives at stake require our immediate attention. Read On... 

U.S. Officials: Syria Using Diplomats to Threaten Opposition Around the World
FOX News

Syria is taking its war against President Bashar al-Assad's political opponents global, using diplomats in Washington, London and elsewhere to track and intimidate expatriates who speak out against the Damascus regime, according to Syrian dissidents and U.S. officials. Read On... 

Tehran's 'Butler' in Iraq
United Press International

Unimaginable to say the least; recent remarks made by Ambassador Lawrence E. Butler, a top U.S. State Department official, about the status of 3,400 members of an Iranian opposition group taking refuge in Iraq has left him being labeled mockingly as "Tehran's Butler."  Read On... 

The Rule of Law and MEK's FTO Designation
Stop Fundamentalism

The truth - very hard to swallow by this anti-MEK crowd - is that the Sate Department does not have even an iota of credible evidence satisfying the statuary requirements. Read On... 

Human rights lacking in Britain, Iran says
United Press International

Iran kept up its criticism of Britain's handling of the last week's rioting, saying over the weekend that London had "no respect" for human rights.  Read On... 

Trita Parsi's Crocodile Tears for Iran's Green Movement
Intellectual Conservative

Trita Parsi of the National Iranian American Council used to have no sympathy for Iran's Green Movement until he figured out that pretend sympathy could be used to hurt Iran's opposition organization MEK. Read On... 

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