Volume: 1 - Issue:  15115 August 2011
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Iran Update



We are delighted to present you with the current issue of Iran Update, a publication of International Solidarity for Democratic Change in Iran (ISDCI). 

American Credibility at Risk On Foreign Policy Front, Too
Fox News

By Michael B. Mukasey & Tom Ridge and Louis Freeh 

The Obama administration's economic policy has suffered some recent highly publicized disasters. But the setbacks of "Obamanomics" should not obscure the administration's equally critical foreign policy missteps toward Iran and Iraq that threaten to downgrade American credibility in yet another arena. Read On... 

Allah's Answer to an Islamist's Prayer
Family Security Matters

By: Lt. Colonel James Zumwalt, USMC (ret) 

With a fading role in Iraq, Washington has chosen to ignore its legal obligation to protect MEK. Iraq's Prime Minister Nouri al Maliki, pressured by Tehran, has ordered attacks against Ashraf's unarmed residents, senselessly killing dozens. Meanwhile, Obama does nothing. Read On... 

Analysis: Iran sees ally Syria surrounded by U.S., Arab "wolves"

Beset by civil unrest at home and lambasted by the West and his Arab neighbors for his violent crackdown on dissent, Syria's President Bashar al-Assad can count on one firm ally: Iran.  Read On... 

Maryam Rajavi: The United Nations and its agencies bear heavy responsibility vis--vis the current predicament of Camp Ashraf and can avert another catastrophe

On Thursday, August 11, a number of prominent American and European scholars, officials and political figures convened to express their concerns over a lack of effective measures by the UN and its pertinent bodies to prevent the recurrence of another Srebrenica in Ashraf.  Read On... 

An unholy alliance
Iran Focus

The brutal state-imposed bloodbath in Syria deserves uncompromising reproach. Popular protests calling for President Bashar al-Assad's regime to relinquish power have continued despite state cruelty. Read On... 

Trita Parsi and NIAC's Handy Iran Experts Again
Intellectual Conservative

The truth behind the statement supposedly written by 37 experts on Iran advocating for the continued black listing of the Iranian opposition group MEK by the U.S. State Department. Read On... 

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