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From early years of the Islamic rule, Ayatollah Khomeini saw the growing support among Iranians for the MEK (Mujahedin-e Khalq) to be a danger to his rule and his backward interpretation of Islam.  He therefore issued a religious decree saying anyone in affiliation with the MEK (at any level) is a Mohareb (one who wages war on God) and should be punished by death.  The decree and other orders even involved the families of the victims.


In 1988 over 30,000 political prisoners mostly affiliated with the MEK were executed; a genocide still unheard of by the world.


Through the years, lucrative business with Iran has left the victims of the mullah's regime without sanctuary. The United States designated the MEK back in 1997 to curry favor to the mullahs.  The policy still continues.

Below you see a true life story from one of the victims: "Ambassador Butler, You Are on the Wrong Side!"


We are delighted to present you with the current issue of Iran Update, a publication of International Solidarity for Democratic Change in Iran (ISDCI). 

Ambassador Butler, You Are on the Wrong Side!
Intellectual Conservative

U.S. Ambassador Lawrence Butler is wrong to condemn the resistance and the valor of the Iranian regime's victims. Read On... 

US Policy Endangers Iranian Dissidents in Iraq
News Max

It comes as a very unpleasant surprise when a senior U.S. diplomat publically uses rhetoric reminiscent of the Iranian mullahs to push for the closure of a refugee camp in Iraq. Read On... 

Steven Schneebaum: We will not be content until residents of Ashraf are protected, until they are safe, until they are free

In the opinion of Ambassador Butler the supporters of the PMOI such as Judge Mukasey, such as Ambassador Bolton, such as General Wesley Clark and others, all of those people are corrupt. They've been bought.  Every cliche, every old liable that can be brought out, and that was reported in the New York Times. Read On... 

John Sano: The time is long past for the MEK to be delisted from the foreign terrorist organizations list

The situation in Camp Ashraf and the recent massacre which occurred there only three months ago is the perfect example in terms of what the MOIS is able to do in attempting to shape world opinion. Read On... 

Execution evidence stops Tadano selling in Iran
Construction Week Online

Japanese manufacturer Tadano has stopped selling cranes into Iran after evidence emerged of the machines being used in public executions. Read On... 

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