Volume: 2 - Issue:  13227 June 2011
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The Diyala province governor said that a security force comprised of army and the police is preparing for a new operation against Camp Ashraf under the supervision of the prime minister, Nouri al-Maliki, reported the Iranian state-run news agency Fars, Monday.

According for Fars, Javad Al-Tamimi, Diyala's provincial governor told Al-Motour daily that the operation is in preliminary stages but is imminent.

Earlier on Saturday, June 25, Mullah Moslehi, the mullahs' minister of intelligence, told Mehr news agency that measures carried out by the Iraqi government and forces against Camp Ashraf residents have been fully planned and engineered by the religious fascism ruling Iran aimed at "annihilation of regime's opposition."

"In order to expedite the dissolution of the Monafeqin terrorist group (referencing residents of Camp Ashraf), the intelligence system has plans in its agenda and is taking measures," said Moslehi to Mehr. "In this regard, we have had talks in Iraq with Iraqi authorities in order to clarify the situation of Ashraf garrison," he added.

These remarks make it clear that the attack on Ashraf on April 8 had nothing to do with Iraq's national sovereignty as is claimed to cover up the crimes committed by Iraqi forces. Indeed, the Iranian regime masterminded the attack and it was perpetrated by its proxies in Iraq.


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