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Volume: 2 - Issue:  12230 May 2011
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"Officers from Iran's notorious Quds Force have played a key role in Syria's crackdown since at least mid-April," Reports Washington Post on 28 May from US and allied officials.

Syrian regime is, with no doubts, a ruthless one but still very much in need of getting help from Tehran which is master of suppression and brutality. 

The Iranian regime on the other hand, feels an obligation to help Syrian President Assad, as it fears its own shakedown and demise.   Any change in Syria will have direct impact on the Iranian regime and the Iranian people who have long desired to free their country.

Change in Syria could also have impact on Tehran's support for Hezbollah. Syria has been the strategic rout for getting some of the logistics to Hezbollah.

However, the real fear for Tehran is the domestic situation. Assad's fall will further isolate the mullahs. Tehran rightly feels vulnerable. The fact that Iran is aiding regional dictators to stay in power, is another sign to its weakness in dealing with what is being called the Arab Spring.  And Iran will continue to stand in the way.

For the same reason it is time to get tough on the Mullah's and broaden sanctions and their worldwide isolation.


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