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Volume: 2 - Issue:  12025 May 2011
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Another faceoff at the highest levels of the Iranian regime, this time between Khamaneie and Ahmadinejad, has made the regime more vulnerable than ever before.  

The intrinsic totalitarianism in mullahs' backward ideology, cannot allow for power sharing, especially at the top.  Only the Supreme Leader, who represents God on earth, can have all the power.  His opponents are Moharebs (ones who wage war on God).

For this reason, the Iranian regime has experienced repeated divides through its ranks since the 1979 revolution. This is tearing the regime apart.

The last split happened during the 2009 elections in which Khamanei deposed of a major faction of his regime.  During the 1980s when Khamanei was himself president, Mir-Hossein Mousavi was his Prime Minister.  He could never be considered an outsider.


Now Ahmadinejad, the president whom Khamanei supported so dearly during the 2009 crisis against his rival Mousavi, has turned on him.


It all started when Ahmadinejad removed one minister from his cabinet. Obviously, he considered himself to be in control of his own cabinet.  Not really, said the Supreme Leader, reinstating back the minister. Ahmadinejad disappeared from public view for 10 days, and on return, he let go of some other ministers, mocking the Supreme Leader... The quarrel continues.


Mullahs' regime inability to cope with growing popular discontent and fear of downfall has intensified the infightings.  The infighting is the reflection of uprisings and popular discontent which has led to Khamanei losing his clout.

The simple fact that Ahmadinejad has dared to stand against Khamanei shows that the Supreme Leader has lost his influence.  His actions are the other side of the coin to the street demonstrations and chants of "Death to Khamanei" by the Iranian youth. 


We are delighted to present you with the current issue of Iran Update, a publication of International Solidarity for Democratic Change in Iran (ISDCI). 


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