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Volume: 2 - Issue:  11923 May 2011
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Iran Update


The Council of Ministers met today in Brussels. The humanitarian issue of Camp Ashraf was discussed among other issues. High Representative Catherin Ashton said to a press conference today that Europe will work with the United States and the UN to find a resolution to the issue.


The matter requires urgent attention. A massacre by the Iraqi forces against Iranian dissidents has already taken place. Europe cannot remain silent and indifferent to this crisis. 

Immediate need for protection for the residents of Camp Ashraf should not be over shadowed by any attempts to arrive at a long-term solution for the crisis.  The European Union can play a major role in either providing a solution by itself or sponsoring a resolution to the United Nations. A delegation of MEPs recently visited Iraq. It has subsequently proposed a plan to resolve this humanitarian crisis. The EU should give support to the proposal and make it the EU proposal. 

The Iraqi forces are still inside the camp and there is nothing in substance to stop them from another assault on the residents.  The only shield that has provided the current state of affairs is the international awareness and waves of condemnations purring in, deploring the massacre of 8 April.

For the same reason, the proposal attributed by the media to the Americans to displace the camp to another location until repatriation to other countries can result in total massacre of the residents as it will take away the international center of attention.

While the proposal by the European Parliament delegation is a considerable option to the crisis, before any discussion on details can be considered and any final solution can be reached, calming the situation at the camp is imperative.  No one can imagine a dialogue to take place while one side is holding a gun to the other party's head.


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