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Volume: 2 - Issue:  1114 May 2011
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Iran Update


We are delighted to present you with the current issue of Iran Update, a publication of International Solidarity for Democratic Change in Iran (ISDCI). We recommend the following readings

Featured Article: In Iraq, assassinations are a nightly event
Ashraf Residents' Petition
Gates Leaves
Iran Pours Scorn On Bin Laden Death
Digital Censorship Grows
Journalist Missing In Syria
Iran Organizes Massacre In Diplomatic War With US
BOLTON: Israel's increasing vulnerability
In Iraq, assassinations are a nightly event
In Iraq, assassinations are a nightly event

 In Iraq, assassinations are a nightly event 


BAGHDAD - The assassins strike quietly, often just after dark, as Iraq's political and military leaders speed home surrounded by armed guards. The dead in April alone included generals, police commanders, a deputy minister and the head of Iraq's tax agency. The wounded included a member of parliament, a judge and the head of the national theater, survivors of attacks on their motorcades.  Read On...

Ashraf Residents' Petition To UN, U.S., EU and Arab States
Only solution to prevent another bloodbath in Ashraf is for the United Nations to assume and guarantee Ashraf's protection and for the UNAMI to station a permanent monitoring team in Ashraf.   Read On...
Gates Leaves Iraq With Shameful Legacy
The Hill
As it emerged that Defense Secretary Robert Gates was being replaced by current CIA Director Leon Panetta as part of a wider shake up by President Obama of his entire national security team, questions will be asked as to the legacy that Gates left in the Middle East and specifically in Iraq. Unfortunately for him, the legacy is not a commendable one. Read On...
Iran Pours Scorn On Bin Laden Death
The response in Iran to the death of bin Laden has, predictably, been markedly different to that of the West. Read On...
Digital Censorship Grows As Media Moves Online
Associated Press
Governments worldwide are developing new tools to censor reporters as the media increasingly moves online.  Read On...
Plea On Journalist Missing In Syria
The London Evening Standard
Cambridge University has called for the safe release of a former press fellow and journalist who is missing in Syria.  Read On...
Iran Organizes Massacre In Diplomatic War With US
Top Secret Writers

Residents of Camp Ashraf in Iraq are calling on the European Union and the United States to conduct an investigation into the April 8th massacre of 34 people, who were gunned down inside in the camp.   Read On...

BOLTON: Israel's increasing vulnerability
The Washington Times
While Israel has been a bystander to the Arab world's recent turmoil, events are conspiring against it.  Read On...

Other Suggested Readings:


Bin Laden's Death: A Major Blow to Central Banker and Primary Patron of International Terrorism 

Is Iraq today doing the dirty work of Ahmadinejad's Iran? 

Iran says no excuse for US in region after bin Laden death 

EP delegation: We were deeply critical of the massacre that took place in Ashraf

Iraq government denies group of MEPs access to Camp Ashraf 

The massacre at Camp Ashraf 

Iranian dissidents and a U.S. dilemma

Dean calls al-Maliki a 'mass murderer'

Drop terror listing of Iran foes: ex-Obama aide

Nobel Laureate Elie Wiesel urges help for residents of Camp Ashraf

Sharp rise in public executions as Iran executes first juvenile offenders in 2011


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