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Volume: 2 - Issue:  10622 April 2011
Iran Update


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Iran 'must respect its neighbours'
The National - Arab Emirates
ABU DHABI // The Foreign Minister, Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed, last night urged Iran to view its neighbours with "responsibility and respect", and not to "interfere in their internal affairs" amid heightened regional tension.

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US Says Iran Helping Syria Quell Protests
VOA News

The U.S. State Department said Thursday it has credible information that Iran is helping the Syrian government quell anti-government protests.
"We believe that there is credible information that Iran is assisting Syria," said Toner. "I'm not going to get into details about that material assistance, but it's of real concern to us."

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Time to take the revolution to Tehran
New York Post
Tehran's attempt to widen its zone of influence throughout the Mideast and beyond has alarmed the neighboring Arab countries to such a degree that they're seriously engaged in proxy wars against Iran across the region -- with very little support from us.

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Terror labels shouldn't benefit enemies
The Jerusalem Post
One way for the US to mitigate Iranian trouble-making capabilities is to remove restrictions on the resistance group the Iranian regime fears most

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Camp Ashraf - How Effective Are International Safeguards?
OpED News
As the disturbing events of 8 April, 2011 in Iraq's Camp Ashraf unfold, more than ever the effectiveness of international conventions established after World War II to ensure the troubling events of that era do not repeat, go under a huge test. Should anyone under any circumstances, ever again trust such safeguards? The fate of the Iranian refugees in Camp Ashraf will determine the answer once and for all.

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Iran 'must respect its neighbours'
Iran Helping Syria Quell Protests
Time to take the revolution to Tehran
Terror labels shouldn't benefit enemies
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