Iran Update
Volume: 2 - Issue:  10106 April 2011
Iran Update

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Top UK and US Officials Call for Recognition of Iranian Resistance
Senior British and American lawmakers and officials on Monday criticised the Obama administration for turning a blind eye to attacks by Iraq on members of the Iranian opposition PMOI (MEK) living in Camp Ashraf, Iraq, and urged the State Department to remove the group from its list of foreign terrorist organisations.

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Iran makes inroads in Latin American
Associated Press
Iran has expanded its ties in Latin American beyond its close relationship with Venezuela, a top U.S. commander said Tuesday as he described a troubling development that the United States is watching closely.

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White House Affirms Intention to Ensure a Non-nuclear Iranian Regime
The White House has reaffirmed its strategic imperative of ensuring that the Iranian regime does not acquire nuclear weapons.

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Iran is the biggest danger
Asharq Alawsat
The danger of Iran in our region is not in any way difficult to prove. In order to see evidence of hostility, and the danger, we only need to look at what Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said yesterday...

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Call for Recognition of Iranian Resistance
Iran makes inroads in Latin American
White House Affirms Intention For Non-nuclear Iranian Regime
Iran The biggest danger
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