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Volume: 2 - Issue:  9901 April 2011
Iran Update

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Young Political Prisoner in Coma
Political Prisoner Arash Sadeghi
Political Prisoner Arash Sadeghi


A student political prisoner has gone into coma and transferred to a hospital during a hunger strike, according to Hrana news agency on Wednesday.Arash Sadeqi launched his hunger strike on March 15 in protest to brutal torture committed by the regime's prison guards. Mr. Sadeqi's shoulder and ribs were broken as a result of torture.

The regime's agents have contacted the family threatening them not to refer to the hospital in search of the young political prisoner.



A Syrian Downfall Would Translate into Fall of Regime in Tehran

If the Syrian government were to fall, the Iranian regime's influence in the region and Lebanon will diminish considerably resulting in a weaker Hezbollah, French daily Liberation wrote on Tuesday.

The paper pointed to the Tehran-backed Hezbollah and said, "A potential fall of government in Syria, which is a strategic ally of the Iranian regime, will cause worries for the Shiite party, because most of the weapons sent to it from the Iranian regime pass though Syria."

Another French paper, Le Figaro, called Syria "the key to the Arab Spring," adding, "A downfall of the regime in Syria can bring about the fall of the Islamic Republic in Iran."



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Young Political Prisoner in Coma
Syrian Downfall Would Translate into Fall of Regime in Tehran
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