Iran Update
Volume: 2 - Issue:  9728 March 2011
Iran Update

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Exiled Iranian politician Rajavi: "I am the voice of those persecuted and executed" 

FOCUS Online interview with Maryam Rajavi
President Maryam Rajavi, Iranian Resistance
President Maryam Rajavi, Iranian Resistance
In an interview with FOCUS Online, Maryam Rajavi, an exiled Iranian politician, urged the West to adopt a stronger stance in support of the uprisings in the Arab countries. She also called on Germany to impose a trade embargo on Tehran.

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Amnesty International Censures Rights Violations In Iran

 The prominent rights group Amnesty International has observed a traditional Iranian ceremony for the New Year near the Eifel Tower in Paris in solidarity with political prisoners while condemning the regime's executions.

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Delisting Iranian Opposition MEK, Measuring Change in US Policy on Iran

A transatlantic rift in policy towards Iran seems to be closing rapidly as a momentum materializes in different policy making circles in Washington to close the gap due to recent developments in North Africa and Middle East.  The momentum emanates from a call to reposition the West in support of newly forming democracies across the region, rather than the old approach of engaging tyrants for economic reasons and turning a blind eye on actions of governments towards their own people. Simply, the West wants to be on the right side of history as developments continue. 

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We invite you to write to your national government officials to ask them to freeze all commercial and diplomatic ties with the Iranian regime until there is a full stop to repression of protests in Iran, release of political prisoners and respect for human rights as demanded by the UN Human Rights Council. Please support sanctions of economic relations that only benefit Iranian regime's repressive elite, enable its suppressive forces (IRGC), and prolong its illegitimate rule in Iran, and its export of terror and instability to the region and world.