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Volume: 2 - Issue:  9209 February 2011
Iran Update
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Maryam Rajavi congratulated people of Egypt for the fall of dictator   

11 Februaryr 2011

Mrs. Maryam Rajavi congratulated people of Egypt for the fall of the dictator and victory of the uprising and democracy in their country. By expressing her warmest greetings to those who took part in the uprising, especially the Egyptian women and youths, she added: This victory is the worst news for the Supreme Leader of the clerical regime in Iran and the best news for peoples of Egypt, Iraq and Iran.

She said that the regime, which is extremely frightened of the rise of freedom movements in the region, is making every effort to take advantage of the uprisings and divert them towards Islamic fundamentalism and serve its own interests. This was clearly evident in Khamenei's Friday sermon on February 4.


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Upon the orders of Iraq's Prime Ministry, entry of medicine into Ashraf is prevented


09 February 2011

In yet another suppressive and inhumane move, Omar Khalid, Iraqi director of Ashraf hospital, on the orders of the Ashraf Suppression Committee, has prevented since three weeks ago the delivery of medicines purchased by Ashraf residents. As a routine, the medicines used to be purchased once Omar Khalid agreed to and were delivered to the patients by him. Many patients are in urgent need of these purchased medicines.


On the other hand, yesterday, Tuesday February 8, the Iraqi forces, under the order of Ashraf Suppression Committee, arrested an Iraqi driver ,  at Ashraf's entrance , who was delivering the purchased medicines to Ashraf as he did every week. It is two years that Ashraf hospital has been placed under Iraqi management, and since, the medicines has been delivered to Ashraf through Omar Khalid by the same driver. The lists of medicines were always approved by the hospital director prior to purchase.

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Iranian minister urges sex segregation in colleges
09 February 2011

TEHRAN, Feb 9 (Reuters) - Iran's science minister has called for universities to enforce strict sex segregation, saying allowing men and women to mingle on campus is a sign of the influence of alien western values, media reported Wednesday.

Strict laws adopted after the 1979 revolution which founded the Islamic Republic bar any contact between men and women, but implementation of those rules varies widely. Conservative politicians have often called for stricter observance.

"The problem is our universities were built based on western values ... that are not compatible with our Iranian-Islamic values," Science Minister Kamran Daneshjou was quoted as saying by Javan daily.

Segregation affects some parts of daily life in Iran. Women have to travel in the rear section of buses, and can opt to take women-only shared taxis and visit specially assigned public parks where men are not allowed.


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Arms seized in Nigeria were for Gambia: Iran ambassador .


07 February 2011

ABUJA (AFP) - Tehran's ambassador to Nigeria said Tuesday that arms seized in October at a port in Lagos were destined for the Gambia and followed an agreement between Iran and the small West African nation.

The controversial arms shipment sent from Iran has drawn international attention because it could constitute a violation of sanctions against Tehran over its nuclear programme.

An alleged Iranian Revolutionary Guard member, also identified in court documents as a businessman, has been charged in Nigeria over the shipment.

Iran said previously that the arms were bound for a West African country and were sent by a private company. Gambia severed ties with Iran after earlier allegations that it was the intended recipient, which it has denied.

Iran's ambassador in Abuja, Hussein Abdullahi, told journalists that he met with Nigerian government officials after the seizure.

"I informed them formally that this consignment was not for Nigeria. The destination is Gambia," he said

"It is based on the agreement signed between Iran and Gambia three years back and this is not the first part of that consignment. This is the third part, and I asked them to please not to allow people who are not happy with our friendly relations to gain advantage of this incident."



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EU could lift travel ban on Iranian minister: Ashton .

08 February 2011

Former US Energy Secretary and Ambassador to the United Nations, Mr. Bill Richardson who was Governor of New Mexico until the beginning of this year addressed the 'International Conference on Camp Ashraf and Policy on Iran' in Brussels on January 25 underlining "the need to find a solution to avert a humanitarian crisis of Camp Ashraf." He emphasized that solution means more American security. Excerpts from his speech follow:


Thank you. Thank you very much. Thank you, my thanks to Mrs. Rajavi, all of the organizers of the event. I want to also pay tribute to the European leaders that are here. Obviously the European Parliament, the EU, have been moving in the right direction, Struan, Dirk, Alejo. By the way, Alejo I noticed there are a lot of Spaniards here with the great standing ovation you got. You got it because of your actions. I want to also say to the audience that I don't expect a standing ovation after I speak because I'm going to say some things that you may not agree with. I think it's important that I [applause] Thank you very much. I want to talk about first the areas that I think we agree. And I'm going to try to give my perspective as a member of, an American former official. I've been governor in New Mexico for the last eight years. So I haven't been totally involved in foreign policy. I've been running a State. But previously I had quite a bit of foreign policy experience.

I want to just list the areas and I think there are five, where I sense common agreement, at least from my perspective.

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