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Volume: 1 - Issue:  9 10 March 2010
Iran Update
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The resistance of Iranian women: we are all 'Neda' now 
Family Security Matters
Sara Ahmadi
9 March 2010
What is most outstanding in this uprising is the presence of the women of my homeland - the uprising that introduced the innocence of Iranians, especially Iranian women, to the world by the name of Neda (Neda Aghasultan) and the last scenes of her life in this world.
Though my friends and I had gone to her grave for several times and cried over it, we still feel national pride for introducing such a symbol to the world because all of us, the Iranian women, are all a "Neda." 
Intensify pressure to control Iran threat 
The Hill
Lord David Waddington
8 March 2010

As the Obama administration works to increase international pressure on Iran over its continued nuclear defiance, it is paramount that the threat posed by the Iranian regime is dealt with on more than one front. If we are to put a meaningful political and economic squeeze on Tehran's leaders, we cannot afford to look only at the nuclear aspect.

The regime is a genuine threat to world peace not only because of its defiance of world opinion over its nuclear program, but also because of both its despicable human rights record and its continuing interference in and determination to influence events in Iraq and Afghanistan.
Human rights lawyer Mohammad Oliyaifar arrested   
8 March 2010
Prominent human rights lawyer Mohammad Oliyaifar was arrested at the Revolutionary Court this morning to begin a one year prison sentence. Mohammad Oliyaifar was taken into custody by intelligence agents after he appeared this morning before the Revolutionary Court following a court summon.
Oliyaifar was also a director of research and training for Human Rights Activists in Iran.
Oliyaifar was charged with "insulting the judiciary" and "propaganda against the regime."
He was tried on 7 February  2010 and sentenced to one year in prison for voicing his objection to the execution of his client Behnoud Shojaee and other juvenile offenders.
The rights lawyer is currently representing a number of post-election detainees. There is still no information on his current whereabouts.

My voice will not reside in my chest... It's a cry that will reach the world   
Saba Sobhi
8 March 2010
We were returning from university talking with my friends about International Women's Day in last year and in years before, we wondered what should we do this year. On our way before we reach Vali-e-Asr intersection we saw a young girl maybe a high school girl.

Brazil's stance on Iran crisis dangerously obtuse 
Miami Herald Editorial
5 March 2010

Even before visiting Secretary of State Hillary Clinton could appeal for Brazil to support sanctions against Iran for breaking the rules of nuclear-weapons proliferation, President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva offered this airy dismissal: ``It is not prudent to push Iran against a wall.''
What wall?

The United States and the world community have made a years-long effort to break down the barriers and engage Iran diplomatically about its nuclear program.
Iran's answer: Talk, talk; defy, defy.

It continued to play for time, engaging in ``negotiations'' even though its secret work to develop nuclear capability constituted an undeniable violation of U.N. rules 


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We are all 'Neda' now
Intensify pressure to control Iran threat
Human rights lawyer Mohammad Oliyaifar arrested
My voice will not reside in my chest
Brazil's stance on Iran crisis dangerously obtuse
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