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Volume: 1 - Issue:  6 5 March 2010
Iran Update

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Stop execution of Mohammad Amin Valiyan, a 20-year-old political prisoner
4 March 2010

The Iranian Resistance calls on all international human rights organizations and activists to take urgent measures to prevent execution of Mohammad Amin Valiyan, a 20-year-old political prisoner. The clerical regime's judiciary, according to state-run dailies on March 1, sentenced Mr. Amin Valiyan, a student from Damghan University, to death charged with 'mohareb' (enemy of God).

Deprived of his right to have a lawyer, he was first sentenced to death by Salavati, a henchman acting as judge, in a kangaroo trial. He was accused of carrying stone and chanting "Down with dictator" during the Ashura uprising on December 27. He was charged with "moharebeh, association and collusion against the security of the velayat-e faqih system (absolute rule of clergy)." His sentence was reaffirmed by the so-called appeals court.

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Helping the 'Third Option' bring regime change to Iran
Prof. Daniel M. Zucker
Global Politician
2 March 2010

Given the overwhelming body of evidence that demonstrates the Islamic Republic of Iran's sponsorship of terrorism and belligerent behavior against American and Western governments and/or their allies in Iraq, Afghanistan, Lebanon, the Palestinian territories, and Israel , it is time to impose a strict regime of sanctions and embargoes on the Iranian regime. As Iran imports some 40% of the refined petroleum products that it uses, we need to cut off the supply that the Islamic regime imports from abroad. So too, any equipment that can have possible military usage must be embargoed. Travel abroad by Iranian government and military figures should be proscribed and all Iranian government foreign assets frozen. Such steps, if vigorously enforced, will cause the Iranian populous, which overwhelmingly despises the clerical regime, to actively oppose it...

The Khamene'i regime is fragile; daily we see thousands and thousands of brave Iranians taking to the streets to voice their desire to end the current regime and bring a secular democracy to their homeland . Regime change by the Iranian people is very possible if we stop aiding the mullahs and their clerical army, the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC). The time to act is now, before the IRGC succeeds in building a nuclear device. Remember: the "Third Option" is the only way to stop the mullahs and also avoid another American entanglement in a costly foreign war. Now is the time to exercise this option wholeheartedly.
U.N. council ready to tackle Iran nuclear issue
The New York Times
3 March 2010
UNITED NATIONS (Reuters) - The president of the U.N. Security Council said on Tuesday it was ready to tackle proposals for new sanctions against Iran over its nuclear program, while U.S. diplomats worked to persuade China that action is needed...
The Western powers' proposed sanctions would target Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps and expand a U.N. blacklist to include more individuals, banks and other firms subject to asset freezes and travel bans, diplomats said. Among the blacklist targets is Iran's central bank. France proposed hitting Iran's oil and gas industries. Washington, diplomats say, has proposed less stringent steps, such as a ban on new investments in Iran's energy sector...

Italy arrests Iran weapons smugglers    
The New York Times
3 March 2010
ROME - Seven people accused of selling arms to Iran via several countries in Europe have been arrested in Italy, the police in Milan said Wednesday.

Two are Iranians living in Italy, one of them an accredited television journalist, and five are Italians, the authorities said. Two more Iranian suspects remain at large. The Iranians are suspected of being spies.

Chemical engineering student sentenced to prison   
2 March 2010
Sharif University student Mehdi Kalari, who has been detained since December 7, 2009, was handed a two and half year prison sentence. According to reports from Iran, the chemical engineering student was arrested and taken to Evin after being summoned to the security office of the university.

Kalari is a second year student who had ranked 375th in the university entry exams that are held across the country.

Recently, a group of Sharif University students and professors asked the head of the judiciary to release the gifted student.
How to stop Iran's nuclear threat 
Alireza Jafarzadeh
The Huffington Post
1 March 2010

The United Nations' nuclear watchdog, the International Atomic Energy Agency, in its most recent report in February, declared for the first time that they have obtained extensive evidence that "raises concerns about the possible existence in Iran of past or current undisclosed activities related to the development of a nuclear payload for a missile." The report indicated that Iran told inspectors it was preparing to make its uranium into a metallic form -- a step necessary for making the core of an atom bomb despite Tehran's categorical claim of general research.

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Stop execution of Mohammad Amin Valiyan
Helping the 'Third Option' Bring Regime Change to Iran
U.N. council ready to tackle Iran nuclear issue
Italy arrests Iran weapons smugglers
Chemical engineering student sentenced to prison
How to stop Iran's Nuclear Threat
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