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Volume: 1 - Issue:  4 1 March 2010
Iran Update

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Call to stop execution of Iranian-Kurdish activist  
Radio Zamaneh
28 February 2010
Over two thousand Iranian human rights and social activists have called for the annulment of the preliminary sentence of execution which was issued for Shirin Alam Hoei (Hooli).

Shirin Alam Hoei was arrested in the May of 2008 and was sentenced to two years imprisonment for "illegal exit from the country" and also received a death sentence for the charge of Moharebeh (waging war against God) through connection with Pezhak organization on December 19, 2009.

In their letter the activists maintain that the court's decision was based on Ms. Alam Hoei's declarations during interrogations but they claim she was "interrogated under torture" and therefore the declaration have no legal validity.
Families continue to brave cold and Guards in front of Evin prison to demand release of loved ones  
28 February 2010
According to reports from Tehran, families of detained protesters and political prisoners continue a grass-roots movement to press for the release of dissidents being held in Tehran's Evin prison. Today, scores of elderly parents, young siblings, and various supporters and well-wishers gathered despite freezing temperatures in Tehran's northern hills where Evin prison is situated, and called for authorities to release their loved ones. About 12 prisoners had been released at the insistence of the families until the time of this report at 21:00 Tehran time. The release of each prisoner was met with thunderous applause and whistling. the prisoners thanked the families and denounced the authorities for the detention of their friends inside the prison walls.
Mansour Osanloo attacked by armed inmate planted by guards  
Human Rights and Democracy Activists in Iran
28 February 2010
Political prisoner Mansour Osanloo has been repeatedly attacked by an inmate charged with murder. According to reports sent to Human Rights and Democracy Activists in Iran, during the past few days, political prisoner Mansour Osanloo, President of the Executive Committee at Syndicate of Workers of Tehran and Suburbs Bus Company (SWTSBC) has been repeatedly attacked by inmate Mohammad Hosseini.

On Friday night, when Mr. Osanloo was in his cell along with his cellmates, Hosseini charged towards him with a knife, but was stopped by other prisoners. On Saturday morning when Hosseini was returning to the prison from Protection and Information Services, he punched Mr. Osanloo in the face as the prison guards were watching. The other prisoners and guards showed no reaction to this and tolerated the abuse...
Kermani, head of Protection and Information Services of the prison told Mr. Osanloo that Hosseini used to be a Pasdar (a member of Army of the Guardians of the Islamic Revolution) who was charged with murder.
Report: Fireworks used by youth inTehran to agitate against police     
27 February 2010
Reports reaching ISDCI from social networks in Tehran indicate a sharp rise in use of fireworks in various neighbourhoods by youth to agitate against police patrols. ْUsing harmless fireworks is the main part of the celebration of the traditional Festive of Fire (Chahrshanbeh Souri) which will be held on 16 March. Teenagers are already using the celebration as an occasion for anti-government protests. Teenagers in Tehran's Satarkhan Street place fireworks in the path of police vehicles and motorbikes and set them off as the patrols pass, causing panic and disconcertion among police units struggling to control a restless population. The authorities are gearing up to confront the population once again on 16 March when Iranians celebrate a traditional Festival of Fire (Chahrshanbeh Souri) in direct opposition to the clerical rulers who frown on the festival.
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Call to stop execution of Iranian-Kurdish activist
Families continue to brave cold and Guards
Mansour Osanloo attacked
Fireworks used by youth inTehran to agitate against police
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