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Volume: 1 - Issue:  1 22 February 2010
Iran Update

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Family of former Tehran University Chancellor fears for his life  
21 February 2010
Mohammad MalekiThe family of Mohammad Maleki, the former chancellor of Tehran University and an outspoken critic of the Iranian regime, expressed serious concern over the deteriorating state of his health in prison.

Maleki was arrested about six months ago in a wideranging crackdown on all opposition activists.  He was being treated for prostrate cancer. His family said that he was in poor health at the time of his arrest in August.

Maleki's son, Amar Maleki, told news agencies that the family has not been allowed to meet him in prison for more than 20 days, adding to the concern of the family over his health. Maleki's family has been informed by recently released prisoners that he cannot walk anymore without help .

His son said that Maleki has complained about his poor health in telephone calls from Tehran's Evin prison, where he's being held. Maleki's family are calling for support from human rights groups around the world "to save the life" of Mohammad Maleki. He is being held in prison among others for alleged connection with the People's Mojahedin Organisation of Iran.  
British Parliamentary Committee for Iran Freedom: End siege of Camp Ashraf
Press Release
19 February 2010
Members of the British Parliamentary Committee for Iran Freedom on Wednesday strongly condemned recent actions by the government of Nuri al-Maliki against thousands of Iranian opposition members at Camp Ashraf in Iraq.
On Tuesday, the Iraqi government took a group of reporters to Ashraf to meet with agents of Iran's Ministry of Intelligence and Security stationed outside the camp, falsely claiming that Ashraf residents refuse to allow relatives from Iran to enter the camp. Our Committee has learnt that Iran's intelligence ministry has dispatched its agents along with relatives of Ashraf residents to the camp which houses 3,400 members of Iran's main opposition group, the People's Mojahedin Organisation of Iran (PMOI). As part of an agreement between Iran and Iraq to pressure the camp residents, Iraqi forces prevent the relatives from entering the camp. At the same time, they tell the relatives that the PMOI is preventing them from seeing their loved ones. Such psychological pressures on the residents and their relatives were greatly intensified yesterday when the government brought journalists outside the camp to interview the Iranian intelligence agents in a bid to misrepresent the circumstances of the denial of visitation rights.
Amir Reza Arefi sentenced to death for Moharebeh 
19 February 2010

A 21-years-old political prisoner, Amir Reza Aarefi, wassentenced to death on the charge of "mohareb" (enemy of God). Mr. Aarefi was arrested in April 2009 and he was in prison during the uprising that followed the sham presidential election last June in Iran. He was among those tried in kangaroo trials charged with "moharebeh; association and collusion against the security of the clerical regime, and propaganda against it," and participation in post election "riots."

Bahareh Hedayat indicted by Tehran prosecutor 
19 February 2010

Bahareh HedayatTehran prosecutor Jafar Dolatabadi has personally indicted Bahareh Hedayat during an interrogation session at Tehran's Evin prison. Hedayat has been told by Dolatabadi that her 16-count indictment includes heavy charges such as propagating against the regime, actively taking part in post-election events, talking to foreign media organizations, insulting the Supreme Leader, insulting the president (Mahmoud Ahmadinejad), and conspiring to act against national security.

Hedayat has denied all the charges and is resisting the pressure to make a false televised confession. The degree of resistance shown by the rights activist has infuriated her interrogators, who continue to put pressure on her through intense interrogation sessions.
Hedayat's family was able to visit her for a few minutes today in an Evin visitation cabin. 
 Hedayat was arrested on December 31, 2009. She is currently being held in ward 209 of Evin Prison.
Iran 'shows contempt' for human rights by rejecting UN recommendations  
Amnesty International
17 February 2010
Amnesty International today criticised Iran for rejecting important recommendations by the United Nations to improve human rights in the country.

The recommendations rejected by Iran include: ending the execution of juvenile offenders; upholding fair trial guarantees, investigating torture allegations, including rape and releasing people detained for peacefully exercising their human rights.

The Iran delegation also only paid lip service to cooperation with the Human Rights Council.
Iran detains 5 more Baha'i
From The Associated Press
14 February 2010
Iranian authorities detained five more members of the Baha'i minority, a hardline newspaper reported on Sunday.
The daily Javan newspaper, which has ties to the elite Revolutionary Guards, reported that the five included Niki Khanjani, who is the daughter of Jamaloddin Khanjani, one of seven Baha'i leaders jailed since 2008 on charges of harming national security. The report did not describe the current charges, but said many Baha'is have escaped to neighboring countries and the remote border areas of Iran after allegedly fomenting postelection unrest...
Iran arrests 3 people on charges of selling VPN
From Committee of Human Rights Reporters
14 February 2010

Based on a report from February 6, security and intelligence forces have begun operating against those selling VPN services. At this moment the arrest of three such salesmen has been confirmed, though their identities remain a secret at the request of their families.

A number of others offering VPN, a kind of service that subverts filters and blocks, have not yet been confronted and remain at risk of detention. They have stayed away from their homes and workplaces.
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Bahareh Hedayat indicted
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5 more Baha'i detained
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