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February 2012  

Whew! I don't know about you but I sure was glad to have the extra day in February this year. I used every day of the month to get my "to do's" done. What has been fun and rewarding about this past month is that my actions lead to some unexpected results.

At the beginning of the month I challenged myself to try something outside my comfort zone. The plan was to give myself the opportunity to learn something new, even try something a bit scary. By taking on the challenge I hoped to reconnect to the joyful energy that is present when fear is concurred. It turns out that by just setting the challenge I shifted my energy and I took action in an area I had been avoiding.


My challenge got me to focus on the feeling I would have when I concurred a fear. I could imagine how relaxed I was. I could imagine the weight off my shoulder. I could imagine the energy I was spending in worry shifting to accomplish new goals. And there it was; my desire to feel all the positive energy gave me the courage to face a fear.


It is too early to know just what the long term results may be. For now it does not matter. I have accomplished my goal of reconnecting to the joyful energy that comes when you choose courage over fear. With renewed energy I am ready to Jump In back into action.  


How about you? Do you have a challenge you are not facing? Are you ready to shift your energy and get back into action?


I am ready to partner with you, so let's get started. 











As a coach my intention is to encourage the playful engagement of your most authentic self and raise your energy to promote peak performance and self-care. With the power of Play I look to promote courageous, creative, carefree and caring energy for each opportunity for growth. I hope you follow along, add your comments on my "Ride the Glide" blog and take your own journey toward finding sustainable energy for authentic peak performance and self care.


Connect to Joyful Living through Playful Engagement and find your most authentic healthy self.  


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It is up to each of us to find our
Passions, our Playgrounds,
our Plan, and our Purpose --
To Play our Own Game.

Barbara Newton ACC, CPC, ELI-MP
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"Get clear on your desired feeling. "  

Coach Barb


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