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Sustainability - Circles of Encouragement for Self Care

June 2011

Let's continue to explore and play with the idea of Sustainable Self Care using a triple bottom line of:

People = our desires and strategies for our Relationships and Social Connections.

Planet =our physical and emotional care, Health & Wellness strategies.

Profit = Spiritual; how we live a joyful life of purpose, abundance and shared reward.  

This month I would like to look more closely at how People and our relationships and social connections impact our commitment to, and our success with, self care.


  • Who are the People in your circles of family and friends?


  • The relationship you have with a single person.
  • The relationship you have to a family unit.
  • The relationship you have with a circle of friends. 

How do these People help or hinder your desire for and strategies around self care?

Do these People create paths or introduce blocks to your authentic Play grounds?

How are you communicating with and engaging these People as it relates to self care? 

Do they know what you want -- what you need?

How do they know?

Have you given a voice to your desires, interest and goals?

Have you shared that voice to the very People that will care the most?

I ask these questions because I have found a commitment to self care is not something that you can take on by yourself. Yes, it is ultimately your responsibility and yet success is balanced with and connected to the People that you have close relationships with.

What would happen if the People closest to you knew your strategies for self care and were a part of your plan. Why not create a plan that asks for, and then accepts, the support of the People in your life?

To create a self care plan that is sustainable include strategies that engage the loving People that surround you. Create relationships with People that share similar Play grounds and will encourage your regular participation. Create supportive relationships that will spur you on as you begin, and support you when the going is tough. At the most challenging points, it will not be just your courage alone, but the encouragement of these People that will help you sustain your commitment to self care.

My journey has had me question my approach to self care and along the way I have learned a few lessons. First when it comes to self care, you cannot go it alone.  Secondly, self care is not selfish when you create relationships that allow for all to be cared for.

And here is the true full circle lesson.

If you make time for yourself, if you find time to do the things that bring you joy, that care for your physical being and renew your spirit you will give the best you to the People in your life.  

Take care to bring completions, new beginnings and connect to your core energy for sustainable results.

In past newsletters/ posts I have shared an approach to life's journey that supports building a future with a positive attitude and the energy to explore all that is possible; I call this approach Playful Engagement™ (click here to read more). With the power of Play, I look to bring courageous, creative, carefree and caring energy to this opportunity for growth.


I hope you follow along on my "Ride the Glide" blog and take your own journey toward finding sustainable and authentic self-care.


Let's connect for Joyful Living through Playful Engagement™ and find our most authentic healthy self.




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It is up to each of us to find our
Passions, our Playgrounds,
our Plan, and our Purpose --
To Play our Own Game.

Barbara Newton, CPC, ELI-MP
Certified  Professional Coach
Energy Leadership Index™ Master Practitioner 





Copyright 2011
Full Circles Coaching, LLC

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"Create circles of encouragement for sustainable self care."
 Coach Barb


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