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Sustainability - A Time to Care

May 2011

In my April newsletter and post I began to play with an idea, explore if you will, the idea of Sustainable Self-Care, introducing an idea to focus our thinking by using a triple bottom line of;


People = our desires and strategies for our Relationships and Social Connections.

Planet =our physical and emotional care,         Health & Wellness strategies.

Profit = Spiritual; how we live a joyful life of purpose, abundance and shared reward.  

Over the spring and summer the challenge is to; pose some questions, look for some answers, give space to define indicators that will strengthen and sustain a commitment to take care of ourselves.

It turns out I asked myself to consider self-care during a time that my energy was intensely focused as a care giver.  For the last eight weeks I have been with my sister, caring for her and her family at a time that turned out to be the last few weeks in her two year battle with cancer.  

The many conversations I had with my sister, my husband, my family and my sister's circle of girlfriends brought forward powerful questions and many discovered truths.  I know in time I will have the courage to share with you some of the lessons I have learned. For now, I am going to honor my commitment to self-care by taking some time with my thoughts.

As I mourn the passing of my sister, as I mourn and move to redefining my relationship to her (as it will continue), I step back into the loving arms of my husband, I step back into the palliative comfort of the playful mountains of Vermont, I step back into my heart, to take care.  

Next month I'll explore and share a few thoughts on the circles of loving people that sustain me and give me courage in my commitment to self-care.

I hope you follow along on my "Ride the Glide" blog and take your own journey toward finding sustainable and authentic self-care.


Let's connect for Joyful Living through Playful Engagement™ and find our most authentic healthy selves.


With the power of Play, I look to bring couragous, creative, carefree and caring energy to each opportunity for growth, an approach I call

Playful Engagement™ (click here to






sustainability diagram


It is up to each of us to find our
Passions, our Playgrounds,
our Plan, and our Purpose --
To Play our Own Game.

Barbara Newton, CPC, ELI-MP
Certified  Professional Coach
Energy Leadership Index™ Master Practitioner 





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"There are Angels amoung us. I met a few in Marietta,GA. My love and gratitude always to my 
Angel Sisters."
 Coach Barb


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