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March 2011

As you complete the first quarter of the year, are you finding your stride, starting to thrive, "riding the glide"? Or Not?

The change of season is a natural time to check in. Moving from winter into spring the year's activities are usually in full swing.  Our new commitments, new tools, and new processes of  the New Year have had a chance to be tested. 

Lately I have found myself thinking about and discussing with various clients and colleagues the subject of time management and finding balance in our schedules. It seems "balance" is a constant challenge. When we look at our life, and even just our current schedule, we seek to answer the question of whether we are spending enough time in the most important aspects of our life, and dealing with the challenge of getting it "all" in.

An industry has been built on solutions for improved time management and finding balance. Depending on personality, perception and context, we can approach the balance question by improved systems to organize our activities, or we can focus on managing ourselves and our choices within the time given. Whether you are in Camp A or Camp B or draw from both, I continue to see a common adjustment made when our time and our activities get tight.  It seems our first solution for "not enough time" is to fore go "balance" and give up the activities and time we give to ourselves, our care, and our happiness.

Is this really the solution?

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Individual Coaching 

Return to your passions and your playgrounds. Find the life work balance that will give you the energy you need. Commit to bringing your authentic self to all you pursue and in the process find that source of renewable energy.

To get you started, I'm bringing back my complimentary "Rekindle Your Connection to YouCoaching Session. 

In this complimentary session together we can explore how returning to our authentic playful self will bring a source of energy that:

  • Taps  into our passions to find joy for  self-care
  • Builds on our  strengths and our capacity to achieve success

Where will you find that renewable, sustainable source of energy that supports completions and new beginnings? 

Come visit me at fullcirclescoaching.com and play with the possibilities. 

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Coach Barb 

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It is always fun to share my thoughts with you, even more fun and inspiring when you share thoughts in return. After much consideration, analysis and encouragement, I am letting go of my hesitation and moving into the momentum. This month I introduce a place to share more actively and playfully. Check out my "Ride the Glide™" Blog . Let's find that courageous, creative, carefree and caring energy for growth together.



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It is up to each of us to find our
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