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"A sunset is a beautiful reminder that it is time to rest." 

Barbara Newton

Full Circles Coaching

Time to Taper

January 2011

The first two weeks of January I had a lot of time on my skis; teaching and working on my own skiing for my personal development towards additional certification as an instructor. Then I got to get away for two weeks just, as the freezing temperatures came to the northeast. Sitting on a lanai, overlooking the beautiful blue Pacific Ocean, I had the opportunity to make a contribution to my continued success and happiness in 2011; I let myself rest.  


January has always been my month to slow down -- to allow myself to recharge, so I may re-engage. I have found, over the years, this little bit of time that I give myself to recover allows me to joyfully give energy to my personal goals, and to the people and projects I hope to support in the coming year.

"Taking rest breaks is probably the most underestimated element of training in an athlete's program".  Glenn Cook -Great Britain's Jr. Tri-athlete Squad Coach 

Bruce D. Schneider, Ph.D., MCC explains in Energy Leadership™ that health and wellness encompasses more than just our physical bodies. Our energy system is a complex matrix of psychological, mental, emotional, physical and even spiritual factors. More and more scientific and philosophical wisdom suggest that what happens in the mind affects the body, and vice-versa.

So I say, if we are to maintain a high level of performance, then keeping our whole being rested so we may joyfully engage our energy is to our distinct advantage.  It is not just always doing the work. It is not just always running up the hill. We need to give ourselves the time and opportunities that let ourselves recover both physically and emotionally. Resting before a big competition or game is generally called a "taper." It is an extremely important part to achieving peak performance.

Have you allowed for recovery time in your plans for 2011?

Are you ready to commit to a bit of self-care to give yourself the opportunity for peak performance?

It is the recovery of our energy and our spirit that will sustain us and bring us to a new level of achievement and happiness.

So, Rest, and I'll check in next month.





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Nature's Hula Tree

** Hawaii pictures in this edition are from my recent "self-care" trip 
 girl in tree

Taper Time

It can be big or small

         A trip is Great! 

Or a walk around the block

A Spa Day!  

Or an hour unplugged

Just relax and acknowledge that you have already done a lot, let yourself become quite and return to your place of inspiration; renew your power to perform. 

Coach Barb

Hawaii pictures in this edition are from my "self-care" trip January 2011

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Barbara Newton, CPC, ELI-MP

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