"I am no longer afraid of becoming lost, because the journey back always reveals something new, and that is ultimately good for the artist."

~ Billy Joel

Full Circles Coaching July Newsletter
Searching for Purpose 

July 2010
I had one of those moments recently; I was busy, my day had multiple things to accomplish, and I was trying to organize and gather my things so I could make the most of my time. I walked into my office and for the life of me could not remember what I had come to find.  In that moment I was reminded of a note I had written in my journal, and I thought why not share my little analogy?
Searching for Purpose.
Have you ever walked into a room looking for something, only to get there and not know what you were looking for? You stop and think, now, what was it? You know if you just look hard enough you will see it. Scanning the room for clues, your mind finds interesting things,  and you find yourself drawn in. Wait! Why I am here? What was it that I was looking for? Darn it! You know the trick though, right? Go back to the room you came from, where the thought, the journey, the quest began. Immediately you remember what you were looking for and why you came to find it.  

With a set of keys that is the "Oh yeah" moment, in my search for Purpose,  that become the "Ah ha" moment!

In my own personal journey to find my purpose, I  recognized that I did this more than once -- stepped into a place that was to be "my purpose", where I would find what I was looking for. I continued, however,  to find myself in unfamiliar territory, feeling a bit lost, and  not knowing exactly why I came. Each experience had some benefit, which allowed me to contribute and grow,  and yet I felt no real connection as to why I was there. So, I would transition, I would return to where I started -- back to the question: "What is my purpose?" What activity, role, or place would allow me to give, to share my talent,  and to make a difference?

As I looked for answers I found a wonderful definition of Purpose, Vision and Mission that shifted my thinking. In his book The Power of an Ordinary Life, Harvey Hook defines purpose as "a persistent, internal thread of reason, passion, and motivation that pervades your entire being, past, present and future." 

This definition caused me to consider my journey in a new way. I began to see a pattern to each path I pursued -- to each experience I had stepped into. Although each room, each destination, were different,  the reason for stepping into each experience came from, and always returned to, a familiar sense of what was right, and held an answer to the question: "What is my Purpose? What is the internal thread of reason, passion and motivation? As I explored and become more aware, and  more conscious of the why vs. the what, I was able to begin to picture a vision for my ideal life. 

I marvel and appreciate when I meet someone with true understanding of their purpose, a clear vision and strong mission in their life.  Although I have many accomplishments and have experienced success, I have searched for that sense of authentic sustainable contribution, for my "true calling". But here's the thing; our journey -- how and why we look for answers -- may be the inspiration and source of strength for others. For many of us in discovery, this may be our gift. Our purpose is to keep joyfully doing the next right thing, building on our strengths, and trusting a commitment to being our most authentic self -- the self that our Higher Power intended us to be.   

"Purpose is the Why, the core energy of our Life. Our goals and life lessons our opportunities for awareness to our purpose." Kurt Wright    

Life is not static --  it flows. Life brings completions, new beginnings and opportunities to connect to your core authentic energy. If today you find yourself in a place that is unfamiliar, or  if where you are now feels like an obstacle, then return  to you, to your true source of inspiration. Return to your authentic sense of what is right, explore why it is right, and continue your journey.

Whether you are bringing your purpose into focus or your purpose is clear and the question is how to live that purpose, commit to a process of listening to your voice. Discover your core sense of self in the themes of your life. Acknowledge and explore your beliefs; your values; your work history; your play history; your spiritual voice; your circles of friends; your acts of kindness; and the joyful times and places where time fell away, and your heart seem in rhythm to a higher source. Listen for the beat of your authentic heart and find purpose in your "Why."   

I welcome the opportunity to listen with you, and  to give you time and space to find your clear Purpose, create your Vision and define the Mission that will direct you today, tomorrow and beyond.  

Barbara Newton, CPC, ELI-MP

Certified Professional Coach,
Energy Leadership Index™ Master Practitioner

For All Life Brings,
Bring it Full Circleİ


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"Living authentically brings authentic opportunity. What door of opportunitiy have you come to? Trust and step into your authenitic self. 
~ Coach Barb

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It is up to each of us to find our Passions, our Playgrounds, our Plan, and our Purpose -
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- The perfect time to put your feet up and dive into a good Book.
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