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"The essential question is not "how busy are you?" but "What are you busy at?""
~ Oprah Winfrey

Finding Your Balance

June 2010

When you see an article on Work-Life Balance is your interest sparked?

Are you looking for that secret mix of time and energy that brings it all together?

Do you find balance only to have it fall away again?

I have read many articles, blogs and newsletters covering the topic of Work-Life
Balance. A common theme is that Work-Life Balance is about making choices. Agreed!  I seem to have good instincts in my choices, in finding balance, and still I know I could be more conscious in my approach.
The question I raise is this; to balance what do we base our choices on? 

I gave this question some active thought and then I found myself doing what
I usually do when a big question is on my mind -- I let it go. I find when I give a thought or question some down time, I find some insight. This time however, the insight did not come as quickly. So, I referenced some experts.

One of my favorite experts, Stuart Brown, author of the book "Play" and founder
of the National Institute for Play, has this to say: bend your belief that work and play fight for our energy and time. In fact, it is bringing them together that brings balance to our lives. Studies by the National Institute for Play have found that we need the sense of purpose, economic stability, and service to others that comes from work. We also need the discovery, newness, and the sense of being in the moment that play brings. When play allows our inner needs and desires to come forward, it creates the path -- a creative connection to finding lasting joy and satisfaction in our work.

True! My coaching supports this approach to balance --  connecting work
and play. I have witnessed the sustainable energy that comes when one has a strong purpose, the pursuit of a passion and work that seems like play.

So, is this a hint? With "purpose and passion" we make our choices?
Like so many of you, this past year I have been making some pretty big
choices about where and how I spend my time. What is work? What is play? To whom and how would I give my time? Family, friends, my new business, good causes, self-care all need my time and I want to be there for it all.

Then the month of May brought some family news that focused my attention
and called me to action. It was in a conversation with my friend about the current choices I was making to support my family, to give a gift and receive one in return, that finally brought the insight I had been looking for. You see life gave me an opportunity to have clear intention, to revisit my values, to listen to my Higher Power and my heart and then "lead with love".

My personal values set the foundation to my play book and gave guidance to my choices.
When honoring my values and leading with love I have found Life to always balance out. I was reminded that for me the secret to Work-Life Balance is to first shift and call it Life-Work Balance.

Choose your Life and then find work and play that supports your Life.
As you make plans and commitments, make active, conscious, and critical choices for your success. Be guided by your true values, then have the courage to
play your own game. If it seems like work, make it fun. Live joyfully and with purpose. Give to others and give to yourself, so you are whole. 
Through "Playful Engagement" imagine the possibilities, relax and reconnect to the moment, find balance in the creativity of work and play. Find your passions, lead with your Heart and your Love of Life.

My final thought is this,

When Work is Hard, find the Play. 
When Life is Hard, find the Joy.
Balance with Love and Gratitude,
for all Life has to offer and for all you have to give in return.
Come Full Circle.


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"When Work is Hard, find the Play.
When Life is Hard, find the Joy.
Balance with Love and Gratitude,
for all Life has to offer and for all you have to give in return.
Come Full Circle"
~ Coach Barb

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