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"Perhaps the truth depends on a walk around the lake."
~ Wallace Stevens

Playful Meditation

May 2010
Do you find that ...
  • It is so easy to get completely attached to a specific outcome?
  • It is so easy to give so much focus to a problem that we lose sight of the solution?
  • It is so easy to agree to put just one more thing we should do into our schedule?
But does this really make us more effective?

Are we just tightening the knot? Are we limiting space and not seeing the opportunity that is right there if only we could relax and give it a chance to come into our thinking?

In my last few newsletters, I have written about an approach to life's journey that supports building your future with a positive attitude and the energy to explore all that is possible -- An approach I call Playful Engagement™.

Playful Engagement™ allows you to;
  • Imagine the Possibilities and simulate what might be.
  • Relax and Reconnect to the present moment.
  • Encourages Balance in the creativity of Work and Play.
This month I encourage you to explore a practice I use to Relax and Reconnect. 

Have you ever allowed a state of Play to bring you fully into the moment?
Maybe you have felt the perfect golf swing; lost yourself in a piece of music; moved through terrain excited by the challenge; or danced to a rhythm and not to a pattern of steps. Or maybe, you can recall a time when you just pushed back from your desk, stepped outside for a walk and lost yourself in the sights and sounds of the day.

In these moments we relax and reconnect to the present by connecting to a joyful freeing activity -- a practice I call "Playful Meditation".

When we get out, move, laugh, and focus on a game or activity we enjoy, our mind is allowed to be free and connect to the present. Our mind goes where it needs to go, and finally becomes still to enjoy the Now. Activity or active mental "play" gives us the chance to loosen up and step away from problem solving and analytical thinking.

So why do this?

When we step into a bit of joyful doing it seems we engage our whole brain, and intuitively we gain new understanding. Through "Playful Meditation" we connect to our passions and the answers that we have been looking for seem to be waiting for us as we return to our work. 

So this month, I encourage you to relax and reconnect to some of your favorite activities. Give yourself some space to renew and reconnect to all your power. Give "Playful Meditation" a try and you might just return to an answer found, a problem solved, a truth realized, as you release from your analytical and allow for your intuitive to come to your thinking.

Explore a life full of passionate playful engagement. 

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May is ...

Physical Fitness and Sports Month

"The first Wealth is Health"
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson 
Here's to turning our "workouts" into a "Playdates"

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This May all across America an important conversation is happening. Decision and commitments are being made to the question; What summer activities will the Kids be doing? It begs me to ask; What summer activity are YOU signing up for? How are YOU planning on engaging your playful, curious and active self this summer?

Summer is the perfect time to relax and renew the spirit. Will it be a creative class, a sport league, a trip with friends? Come share ideas and get inspired to be a "Kid" this summer.  Renew yourself, renew your thinking to then engage your full performance.

Join me and other Playful Participants on a F.r.e.e. Call to brainstorm ideas, share strategies and create opportunities that increase our energy and get things moving.

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"I would not waste my life in friction when it could be turned to momentum."

Frances Willard

Stay Curious 

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have just read "Developing Your Intuition" by Shakti Gawain and I am looking forward to attending an ICF-New England presentation on June 8th, given by David Rock, titled  "The Neuroscience of Leadership and Coaching".

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