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"Let go of your story of lack and limitation, Look to the horizon and find
your new destination. Feel your creative power and be strong, Embrace your Life,
and sing a new song."

~ Andy Dooley a.k.a. the Storyteller

Imagine the Possibilities

April 2010
In my March newsletter, I introduced an approach to life's journey that supports building your future with a positive attitude, and the energy to explore all that is possible -- An approach I call Playful Engagement.
Playful Engagement allows you to:
  • Imagine the Possibilities and simulate what might be.
  • Relax and Reconnect to the present moment.
  • Encourages Balance in the creativity of Work and Play.
This month let's explore Imagine the Possibilities a bit further.
  • What would happen if you allowed yourself the opportunity to explore something new, and to create a new story?
  • What if you could let yourself be free of judgment, fear -- and even practicality -- and imagined the possibilities?
Playful Engagement through visualization and story creation can unlock a new perspective by allowing our mind to step away from our analytical side and step into our intuition of who we are meant to be.
Stuart Brown, M.D., the founder of the National Institute for Play says, "The genius of play is that, in playing we create imaginative new cognitive combinations. And in creating those novel combinations, we find what works."
As adults we continue an internal narrative, predicting the future and examining the consequences of our behavior before it takes place. We daydream, and this leaves an imprint on our brain. Brown explains that when we engage in fantasy play at any age, we bend the reality of our ordinary lives, and in the process, germinate new ideas and ways of being. Brown continues that for adults, daydreaming may give rise to new ways of doing business; fantasies to new love; and visualization may lead to new invention.  Creative play takes our minds to places we have never been, and in the process, creates new paths that we may choose to follow in the real world.
  • How is your day dream - your story -- serving you?
  • Does your story define you in the past or does your story move you into your desired future?
  • Is fear of not being the perfect fit causing you to hold back, or to play it safe?
  • Have you lost your connection to creativity and innovation by shifting your thinking away from what is possible to just what is practical?
  • Have you played your current role for so long that you struggle to cast yourself in a different light?
  • Are you able to speak confidently about your background, accomplishments and strengths but find yourself hesitating when you come to describing the best part; YOUR FUTURE!?

Playful Engagement is about reconnecting with your values, strengths and passions and then with purposeful imagination finding the courage to come forward with confidence as your authentic self. It is about finding opportunities to remember what it feels like to Play from the essence of who you are and not just you're past roles.
If you are ready to fully and freely explore the "Now forward" in your story let me partner with you to Imagine the Possibilities.
I look to create a supportive and productive environment and to give space to my clients to consider all the possibilities, to sort through all the facts and to tap into their intuition.
It is up to each of us to find our Passions, our Playgrounds, our Plan, and our Purpose - To Play our Own Game.
I welcome the opportunity to partner with you to Imagine the Possibilities.

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What would happen if you came to a place where you believe a dream can come true? Imagine!

highway horizon

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"Use your imagination until your big dream feels so familiar that the manifestation is the next logical step."

--- Abraham

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