"I arise in the morning torn between a desire to improve the world and a desire to enjoy the world. This makes it hard to plan the day
E.B. White

It's All About Energy

February 2010

Boy, the last six weeks have been a balancing act!

I had the opportunity to travel and also had quality time at home. I had the opportunity to give and to receive. I had the opportunity to teach and to be a student. I had the opportunity to feel freedom from time and I felt the boundaries that come with commitments and schedules. I had moments of joyful success and even had a spectacular fall.  And I loved and appreciated every minute of it.

Until a little guilt set in!

Had I done enough? Had I made the world a better place? Had I earned my way? Did I bring my best? Or was I just having fun?!

I have been wowed by the Olympians who bring their life passion to a moment of excellence. I have been moved by those stepping forward in a crisis as many have done for those in Haiti. I have been inspired watching those with a tough battle live each day with courage, grace and strength.

So how is my ordinary life making the world a better place?

With this question there is a moment of judgment, a feeling that I am not good enough and my energy feels depleted. But that feeling does not need to last long. After all I may choose a different feeling.

Through the process of Energy Leadership™, we all may choose new feelings, create new perceptions and in doing so bring higher energy to the life we desire.

So I say; "Enjoy the day and you automatically improve the world".

From this last six weeks I have many blessing to draw energy from. I'll remember looking up from a good book, out over my toes at the end of the lounge chair and seeing a whale jump in the ocean. I'll remember a discussion with my sister about how one even begins to return the gift of a loving community. I'll remember the gift of being a caregiver and the strength it took to come home and let others take over. I'll remember sharing my passion of skiing; teaching skills that opened up new adventures and possibilities to a young enthusiast.  I'll remember speaking to my New Orleans born husband on Super Bowl Sunday and hearing pure joy in his voice. And I'll remember taking a spectacular fall right under the chair lift for all to see, bouncing right back up and skiing away with a smile, a laugh, and the joy of being a kid again if only for a moment. 

You see my strategy for sustaining my energy and improving the world is to use the Power of Play to find and bring to each day Courageous, Creative, Carefree, and Caring energy to my thoughts and actions. To let my intuition find that feeling of freedom that comes from appreciating that each day is a good day.

Are you ready to find your strategy?

Read more about Energy Leadership™ on my website and come play with the possibilities. 

"It is in winter that you will find the brightest night, as the Moon bounces its light onto the Snow. In the deep and quiet of night the best illumination comes from reflection. When life gives you dark times reflect on your strengths to light your way."

Coach Barb


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