'Tis the season ...

As 2009 comes to completion, there is thanksgiving, celebration and reflection, then before we know it a New Year! 

Are you like me this time of year?

In the midst of preparing for the festivities of the season is your mind sorting through a mental check list of accomplishments and new challenges? Are you counting your blessings and contemplating the possibilities? Do you wonder, and even worry, and then excite in the opportunity that lies ahead?  

Oh, the wealth of opportunity that does lie ahead! With our energy and intellect we will experience many blessings, and take on many opportunities and challenges.

So, as we look to 2010 how do we keep our energy matching our expectations?

We have co-workers, co-chairs, spouses, partners, kids, siblings, aging parents, and friends that we want to spend time with, deliver to them all they desire and do so in a way that creates lasting and satisfying relationships.   

But, as we focus on our many relationships we too often do not focus on the relationship we have with ourselves; our hopes, our dreams and our desires. In having it all maybe we have given away too much of yourselves to sustain our personal hopes and dreams, our energy or even our health.

If only there was a way to find and tap into a source of renewable energy.  

I believe that there is! 

Make this coming year the year that you come back to you. Return to your passions and your playgrounds. Find the life work balance that will give you the energy you need. Commit to bringing your authentic self to all you pursue and in the process find that source of renewable energy.

To get you started, I'm offering a complimentary "Rekindle Your Connection to You" Coaching Session. 

In this complimentary session you will begin to identify what you personally want to achieve in the New Year. Together we can explore how the coaching partnership supports turning desires into action and action into reality.  

By returning to our authentic playful self we return to a source of energy that:

·       Builds on our strengths and our capacity to achieve success  

·       Taps into our passions and values

·       Welcomes our creative intuitive self as we as analyze the possibilities that lie ahead.

Often my clients say that they really grew up when they learned to be a kid again.

Where will you find that renewable, sustainable source of energy that brings completions and new beginnings? Come visit me at  and play with the possibilities.

Sign up for a complimentary "Rekindle Your Connection to You" Coaching Session.

Finish out your 2009 List of "To Do's" by taking the first step in committing to you in 2010.

My Gift to You -

Sign up for your "Rekindle Your Connection to You" Coaching Session by 11:59 PM December 31, 2009, complete the session by Valentine's Day, and I'll give you a 20% discount on an initial individual coaching program.

If you have a friend that might also welcome more energy in their Life, forward this letter on. Have them mention your name when they sign up for a complimentary session and I'll give you 5% more towards your initial coaching program.

Make 2010 the Year:

·       You say YES to YOU

·       You celebrate yourself and your personal development by making a commitment, an investment; you give yourself a gift that last for years.

·       You find blocks and life's tolerations and make conscious active choices to remove them.

·       You create momentum to achieve more through increased energy and synergy in your life.

Happy Holidays - I wish you all a Playful, Prosperous and Purposeful New Year!



Barbara Newton, CPC, ELI-MP

Certified Professional Coach, Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner

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