Wednesday, December 7, 2011
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RLCC Responds to HHS Rejecting FDA Request to Approve Plan B Over the Counter for Minors 



FRESNO, CA - This week the Health and Human Services Department overruled a decision by the Food and Drug Administration to make the morning after pill available to teenagers without a prescription. The following statement may be attributed to RLCC Public Relations Director, Josh Brahm: 


Some pro-life advocates believe that Plan B may sometimes cause early abortions. Having looked at the research myself, I believe the jury is still out as to whether Plan B ever causes early abortions. While more studies need to be done on this issue, I'm pleasantly surprised and grateful that Secretary Sebelius has chosen to stand up for the health and safety of minor girls and refused to permit the FDA's unwise rubberstamping of this drug to continue. Pro-life and pro-choice people should all be able to agree that any drug sold over the counter to young women deserves to be thoroughly and rigorously tested.

There's another issue worth mentioning. As Jeanne Monahan at the Family Research Council noted, "the average age of sexual trafficking victims in the U.S. is between 13 and 14. There's a real danger that Plan B would be given to women (especially sexually abused women and minors) under coercion or without their consent. Interaction with medical professionals is a major screening and defense mechanism for victims of sexual abuse." 


Because of the sexual abuse issue, I believe it would not be in the best interest of women for the FDA to make Plan B available over-the-counter. 


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