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Didn't we JUST do this!?   I swear, can we not go to an Olympic schedule on this... or at least every other year?  But, joy of joys, here we are again:  The blessed holiday gift-giving season is upon us. You can't avoid it, so, whether your patron saint of the holidays is Santa, Scrooge, or the Grinch, you can get in the spirit and reduce the stress if you just come to the Sultan...The Sultan of Stoke, that is.        Whitecap Windsurfing and Whitecap Stand Up Paddleboarding  is here to help get a little sprinkle of off-season, holiday water-sports gear tossed your way.   Herein is a little wish list -- sent only to good bros and wahines -- of gifty type items and angles for holiday giving. 

    Now, all you gotta do is figure out how to innocently misdirect this email to the in-box of the right significant other who wants to see you STOKED this season... and for evermore. 


Chuck Hardin and Danny Johnson
    Whitecap Windsurfing, Inc & Whitecap SUP, LLC


Rash guards and shirts
Dry Case for electonics
Bags, Guards, and carriers
Paddles and traction - personalized Items
60-second sail rig
Video, dvd's
For the kid's
Art and stuff like that
To order:
                      e-mail to: 
chuck@    or  
                                 call:  706-833-9463      or    912-222-0673 
Rash guards and shirts
PRO rash guard
Whitecap PRO rash with logo
A performance,warmth rash guard!  Smooth polypro material with thin fleece-like layer inside. Natural wickability. Odor resistant, non-clammy. Soft, strong and highly abrasion resistant. Xcellent undergarment or alone. Black only. Whitecap Windsurf wave logo on front.  
Our Price: $33

Baseball style Tee
WC new SUP semi-long baseball  tee (baseball 
(Back-side view.)
 Retro-styled 100% cotton tee with 3/4 length green sleeves. Cool vibe. Detailed Whitecap SUP palm tree/board SUP  logo.
(Front side has same Whitecap wave logo shown on longsleeve T on left.)

Our price: $22


Loose-fit Surf Shirt
Surf shirt, loose-fitting, blue with Whitecap logo
The popular "Double Dry" loose-fitting alternative to the snug rash guard. 100% polyester, anti-microbial. Wicks moisture. Very light but not too thin. Pacific Blue only. Whitecap SUP logo on front.
Our Price: $26

Longsleeve Tee

(Front view. Back is same palm-tree logo on baseball tee on right.) Heavy weight, all-cotton, comfy white tee. Standard length sleeves. Trim fit.

Our price: $26 

Sun-Safe Rash Guard
Ultra smooth finish, top quality, UV rated rash. The most comfortable I've ever put on.  Blocks 98% of harmful UV and still look cool! . 
Our Price: $25

Special orders,color or style

color samples chart
We can order any shirt in other colors at time of our next shirt order.  
Dry Case :  waterproof enclosure for active watersports
Dry Case: for smartphone

Vacuum sealed technology. Talk and hear through case but also with headphone/mike jack. Comes with bouyant arm band.  Don't go cheap on these things.We use these ourselves and they work!
Smartphone/iPOD size, and now also in tablet size! 


Our Price: $39 and $59


Waterproof Headphones
Dry case ear buds
Designed for active water sports activity.


Our Price: $29
Active Sports belt

 Soft, comfortable, very lightweight belt for waist mounting your DryCase device.  


Our Price: $19

  Bags, Guards, and Carriers
Board Bag
Epic Gear adjustable day wall board bag

Boring, yes, but still  a great gift!  For SUP or windsurf. We all hate paying for these ourselves but we all wish we had our beloved board protected. Various types, styles.  Typically from $120 to $175 for windsurf and $150 to $195 for SUP. 
Our Price: $ varies


SUP Paddle Blade Guard
Cool aloha floral pattern! Protect that nice paddle. Fits any and all. Zips up middle.
Our Price: $18

Big Board carrier 
SUP paddle sock
Dakine paddle sock
Lightweight scuff protection for that nice carbon paddle.
or, slightly padded nylon bag
either, price: $30 

Big Board Carrier 
Shoulder mounted sling system for schlepping that board to the beach. Straps to attach paddle. Also can adapts perfectly as a wall-mount board hanger.
Our price:   $25
SUP Paddles and traction pads
Personalized Traction PadSuplove custom traction options
For $150, you can make it a one-of-a-kind board. Customize with your personal vibe! What a gift! ANY image you can send to Whitecap, we can adjust to work with Suplove's traction production to produce YOUR unique peel-and-stick pad.    


Upgrade your paddle!
Go 100% carbon for as low as $220 in Epic Gear. Go adjustable carbon in a full 16" for $239. Or, get a 21 ounce (!!) Werner all-carbon at $289 in 1-piece lengths.  
Our Price: $220 to $339

Whiskeyjack handmade wooden SUP paddles
Whiskeyjack gift pack
 Not sure what model or size to order? The Whiskeyjack Gift Kit is an elegant way to inform the recipient that a Whiskeyjack Paddle has been commissioned especially for them. Custom-wrapped package with handsome frosted logo'd shot glass is a momento till the paddle arrives.  

Downgrade your paddle!
Everybody needs a beater backup paddle! Don't let her/him jam that expensive carbon blade in the rocks or crunch it in bigger surf. From aluminum to plastic to fiberglass, we can supply quality in a lower-cost stick.   


Our Price: $99 to $169

 Like a snowflake, no two are exactly the same. All Whiskeyjack stand up paddles are individually handcrafted from the finest select-grain, red and white cedar available. These beautiful and unique paddles combine old world craftsmanship with modern laminated design.

personalized engraving on Whiskeyjack paddle shaft
Available Option -- engraved personalization on shaft - $15 
  60-second COMPLETE sail rig

Rig in 60 seconds --really!
Aerotech's WINDSUP sail rig
The most innovative, game-changing product in windsurfing in 20 years! The 1-piece, self-contained, roll-up-and-carry away COMPLETE sail rig. Available in January. (Get a coupon now.)
From 3.2 to 5.8.  Easiest way to add sail power to your windsurfable SUP.
Price: $399 to $499 complete

Time to Go all the Way?

FREE board bag -- a $250 value! -- with any new Tahoe BLISS, ZEPHYR, or RUBICON board.

  Maybe it's time to get that new board. There is nothing more beautiful than a Tahoe SUP. The ultimate touring/race style and quality.

See more on Tahoe boards

Tahoe free board bag offer
  DVD's   ----  action or instructional  <> SUP and  Windsurfing
Promotion Title

From day one to FAST.
Price: $34

Windsurf Action
(A theatrical released movie.)

Windsurf Instructional

The practical way to learn it!
Our Price: $29

Turn for the Better
Parts I and II
$34/ea or $59/set

DVD's make great gifts!

2 hours of technique coaching in jibing and core skills presented in new interfaced technology -- $54 
SUP Instructional

Our Price: $29

SUP Action
Special: $25 - AWESOME!!

  For the kids.... and dog
Kid-size rig -- 3.2
Aerotech's WINDSUP sail rig
Rig in 60 seconds. 
This changes everything -- Even the kid can rig the sail !  Vertical battens allows sail to roll up, boom to fold against mast and the whole 1-piece package fit in a slender bag.
Our Price: $399 -complete rig


Shore Surfer
Shore Surfer
The innovative knee-board for skimming, body surfing, and snow sledding. Invented by a 13 yr. old from Destin, FL. Patent pending.  In stock in yellow, lime, blue.
 Our Price:

 Buddy Pad

Tahoe SUP's 3mm neoprene traction mat for man and wahine's best friend!   Ideal non-skid, durable surface. Adaptable to most boards.
Our price - $30

NEW!  Kid-size SUP paddle
Kasey showing off Kid's-size paddle
Epic Gear's adjustable aluminum SUP paddle for kids and smaller paddlers. This paddle offers a shorter overall length, a smaller blade and a much lighter weight than their regular aluminum. The new paddle is ideal for those under 150lbs and 5'6" tall.
Our Price: $89


  Art and stuff like that

Unique hand-painted "Tiki Man" art
Kara Hardin's tiki man art
These were prizes in the Golden Isles SUP Classic. Each one painted by Kara Hardin. People seemed to really like them so here's your chance to order one.
Kara's Price: $43
Kara's ETSY page here. 
Kara's facebook page here.


Customized Traction Pads

Any image you can send in a file can be your board's graphics. How cool is that? From Suplove. Doesn't necessarily have to go on a Suplove board. $150.