Do the WINDfest thing -- on the beach! -- with Whitecap and the SSI Surf Sailors    

>>>   this Saturday -- June 11  <<<
 It's the 5th annual, full-on event co-sponsored by the Surf Sailors club and Whitecap with the reps and team riders of  KONA, Aerotech, Exocet, Epic Gear. We do it all at this one: demo 2011 gear in windsurf and SUP, catamaran ridin' and racin' -- catch a cat ride! -- Clinic style windsurfing instruction, sailing, stand-up paddleboarding, party on the beach.  Lunch cookout on the beach (about 1:30).  This event is equally suitable for the completely inexperienced person as well as the expert. Plenty to do for everyone and anyone.  
>>  Demo the latest, most advanced windsurfing boards in the world by Exocet and KONA.
>>  Try standup paddleboards of various shapes and brands in sail or paddle mode.
>>    Beginner  windsurf instruction on the beach.  (Advance reservations required. Not for children under 16.**) venue of East Beach from saNDBAR  

  Sure, you can bring and ride your own stuff if ya want! 
We're ready for you!  Just drive through the Surf Sailors "boatyard" -- virtually on the beach -- drop all your gear on the grass inside the fence -- all your  water toys and cooler, chairs, umbrella, spouses, children, etc --  then park in the lot right out the gate. Walk back in and you are on the scene, baby!  Directions are here!

Light wind wave sailing freestyle
cat on rails at EBSteve Gottlieb, the Aerotech/Exocet/KONA brand manager/designer will be on the scene, as will John Ingebritsen, team-rider and light wind, wave-sailing virtuoso. They will assist you on getting wet on the new stuff.  And Marty Gottlieb will be there to keep them on-task.  

Did I mention free lunch? Right on the beach? Sweet.
We are trying to get a rough idea of how many people might be attending this event, so drop me a email if you think you might come.     
 girls look at SUPs on East Beach at St Simons line up of SUPs on East Beach in front of Whitecap's canopy
(** Restrictions on all activities may apply to children under 17 due to issues including the following:   judgement and safety in a crowded beach setting on a summer weekend,  swimming confidence,  appropriate size equipment for smaller bodies,   insurance and legal liability.)         

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and Danny Johnson  (256-996-3625                               
Whitecap Windsurfing, Inc & Whitecap SUP, LLC