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You've asked for it, so here it is...

COMPLETE Close-out lists from

      Neil Pryde      /    JP-Australia     /     Starboard Windsurfing       Aerotech      /      Exocet      /       Fanatic    


Starboard  Stand Up Paddleboarding   

Absolutely incredible dealsSherioushly...some boards at $400, $500, $600, even $800 off!   

Even $1000 off!  I kid you not!  Many at 1/2 price -- below wholesale!    


Dude, these are new, in-the-bubblewrap boards. Some huge savings, especially on the premium, normally too-expensive-to-even-think-about boards. Sails and masts, too!!   Such as    


     Like a JP "X-Cite RIDE" 110 liter in full wood sandwich at $550 off.  

     $1680 MSRP  Fanatic "ALLWAVE" in 82, 92, and 104 liters for $894.

     All-round freeride Fanatic SHARK's in 115, 135, 150, 165 liter at $999.    

     $685 off a Starboard sport tech 10'3' x 28 SUP - normally $1699, now $1115

     $1000+ off other Starboard brushed carbon race SUP models!  Really.      

     Aerotech 5.0 PHANTOM ('07 -- that's newer than mine! ) at $359 instead of $512.     

     Remaining "Cuben fiber" and "UDL04" material Aerotech sails at $250 to 300 off.   



Here's the fine print:

  > All items are in manufacturer's warehouse. 
> These are fresh lists, but Whitecap not responsible for accuracy of original inventory count -- especially Starboard. Those folks can not keep accurate inventory. Items are subject to being sold out before we can get to 'em at time of order.

 > Freight will be additional in most cases. Freight amount can be quoted and negotiated. (Exception: Aerotech and Exocet may be delivered without incurring freight, depending on timing of your order. )


Here's the disclaimer:   Well, not exactly a disclaimer -- I got nothing to dis-claim -- more of an excuse. I'm sorry the format of this close-out is in "dumb" lists. You will have to scan the lists yourself and then go find the items at the brand's website. All brands have archive's of past years websites that can be accessed from this year's website, but if you have problem finding anything, I can probably help. 

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Decisions... decisions..


                Get a new ride. You know you need it!  




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