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Riviera Stand UP Paddle  ~ or ~  KONA "ONE" Windsurf...  

(offer expires December 3rd)

Riviera Paddsurf 11'6" board$789 -- Any Size!
Riviera 11'6" or 10'6" or 9'2"
Stand Up Paddleboard

The Riviera SUP's are perfect boards for first-timers looking for a stable flatwater cruiser or a comfortable, agile surfer for the more experienced, depending on the size. Nice comfy traction pads, handle insert. Epoxy fiberglass resin construction that is reinforced in the rails.
Regularly $1150!


   Length: 11'6"
   Width: 32"
   Thickness: 4 1/8"

   Weight: 27lbs

Fin System: Single Fin

*Freight charges are additional and negotiable
Riviera 9'2" SUP board

Riviera 10'6" SUP board

The Riviera 10'6"  >>>>>>>>>>>>>>
has a 2 + 1 fin setup that give you the options for different paddling conditions. About as stable as many 11'+ boards >>>


Length: 10'6"
Width: 32"
Thickness: 4 1/8"

Fin System

2+1 Thruster, Diamond Tail

The 9'2" Riviera is an agile board for all paddlers. It's shorter size makes it easier to handle/transport, perfect for women and children. This SUP is 31" wide, and as easy to ride as most 11' and 12' boards. The NUGG comes with a 5 fin set-up and offers a range of fin options to adjust to paddling conditions. Riviera traction is pre-installed. This board works great for beginners up to 170lbs. or advanced paddlers up to 225lbs.


  Length: 9'2"
  Width: 31"
  Thickness: 4 3/4"

Fin System

   Quad +1 Diamond Tail

A very rare deal! The world's most popular windsurfing longboard !   Race or cruise !   

up to nearly  $400 off one-event used KONA One board
up to $650 off KONA One board with complete sail rigs: 5.0 to 9.0

This offer through Whitecap Windsurfing is in cooperation  with the N.American KONA distributor reps, Steve and Marty Gottlieb, as followup to annual KONA Worlds event near Miami, FL last week.

"We are just back from the Kona Worlds competition held this year in South Beach, FL.   It was a great (and windy) event with 85 competitors from around the globe.   As part of the regatta, we supplied the charter boards and rigs for the event.   And now they are available at very special pricing (see below).   They have only been used at this one race and have been very gently used for the most part.  We have sorted them by condition and have priced them based on what shape they're in.  You can purchase complete packages or individual pieces.   Please note that this offer is limited to the boards on hand."


Contact Whitecap Windsurfing, Inc. before boards are gone and sail choice depleted.

USED Kona ones from Kona Worlds 2010:

"A" condition = Excellent condition, no holes or repairs, will be scuffed up on the EVA deck pad. 

"B" condition = Very good condition, no repairs, hull may have minor scratches, deck pad will have cuts, scrapes

"C" condition = still in very good shape, no repairs, but the boards will show wear all over and some dents, great

                         choice for those on a budget  30% off


Chart of KONA board and rig close-out prices
KONA one board
KONA one-Design sail rigs 5.0 to 9.0
See more on this board and sail rigs right here!

*Freight cost typically is additional, but can possibly be avoided if you're flexible on delivery time. Call us.
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