Announcing a NEW, exciting, inspirational, and all-round fully STOKED presence in the SE watersports scene:

Stand Up Paddleboarding

Whitecap SUP is a new LLC owned and operated by Chuck Hardin Of Evans, GA (near Augusta, GA), Danny Johnson of Trenton, GA (near Chattanooga, TN) with assistance from The Waterman of St Simons Island, GA, John Laing.  We're spread in a strategic arc across the classic SE to the coastal low country. We'll be here, there and everywhere doing it all in SUP, and; no, this is not the beginning of the end of Whitecap Windsurfing -- in fact, quite the opposite --  because after all, we now live in the age of 

The Grand Unified Theory of Everything

Yes, the Holy Grail of Solutions, the Answer, the Truth that has long been sought after by scientists, philosophers, alchemists, and true, pure-of-heart watersports enthusiasts the world over is no longer theory, it's reality! Let Whitecap SUP be your guide to the truth, the truth that will set you free:

Any water! --  Any weather! -- Any time! -- Any where! -- ANY BODY!    
SUP quiver on OBX beach
(A SUP can put a slice of surfing culture in your life!  It's  a memorable day at the Whitecap OBX Trip - 10/7/09)

Unless you still have a mullett, carry a beeper, and look to Madona instead of Lady GaGa to set the bar for the definition of risque', then you are surely aware that stand up paddleboarding has revolutionized surfing -- and windsurfing -- worldwide. SUP is the world's fastest growing watersport.  And in 2010 Whitecap SUP is catching that wave, delivering it's experienced, ever-stoked services of Instruction, Equipment, and Inspiration in the following areas:
Whitecap SUP logo
  • Flatwater exploring and cruising
  • Racing and downwind distance,   
  • Surfing waves, wakes, and whitewater
  • Wavesailing in light wind

Whitecap Events -- 2010
  • March 4th -- 7th:  Lite-wind Wavesailing 101,   Merrit Island/Cocoa Beach area, Florida
  • April 16 - 17th: SE Inland SUP Championships, Stone Mountain, GA (location pending approval)
  • May 8 -9th: Woman's SUP Experience, St Simons Island, GA
  • May, TBA:  OBX Beginner's Windsurf/SUP Trip, Outer Banks, NC
  • June 26th: St Simons Surf Sailors WINDFEST, 4th annual, SSI, GA
  • July, exact weekend tba: SUP BOOTCAMP, St SImons, GA
  • August 5-8th: SUP Safari, a multi-venue trek inland thru s. GA and FL panhandle, east to the coast. 
  • Sept, exact weekend tba: Long Distance SUP Ocean Xperience, Golden Isles area, GA
  • Oct 9 - 16th: Whitecap's OBX Customer's Trip, Outer Banks, NC (only 4 of 14 spaces left!)
7 SUPs stroll beautiful stretch of Saluda
 (Morning SUP session on beautiful, serene 2-mile stretch of Saluda River, near Columbia, SC, before the ACWA Windfest, May '09)     

     The flatwater paddle mode of SUP can be learned in 5 minutes.  For inland venues -- lake, river, canal, you name it -- it's like walking on water. Nothing to it, yet amazingly rewarding! It is great, fun cross-training -- if you want it to be. It's an easy escape -- if you want it to be. And windsurfers know the Wind Goddess is a fickle lover, playing your heartstrings one day, abandoning you to despair the next. What the Goddess needs is a good paddling...she'll come crawling back for love and attention before you know it! 
     Srolling with Wally on the Savanah
  (Wally enjoys an afternoon "de-stression" as much as I do. On the upper Savannah River on GA/SC border near Augusta.)

Johnny Laing teaching SUP at East Beach on St Simons
(Johnny Laing teaching SUP fundamentals at East Beach, St Simons IS, GA.)
Learn to surf in one session! 

Hamby catches a smooth one at Goulds
      (A routine wave begins easy, shapes up nicely, on it's long course to the sandbar at Gould's Inlet, St Simons.
Rider, David Hamby   -- 11/1/09)

Really. No pain, all gain. Whitecap is established with demo/rental boards and excellent instruction resources in St Simons Island at the most beautiful, most beginner-friendly spot on the Southern east coast, Goulds Inlet between St. Simons and Sea Island, GA. Easy, sweet, small waves in shallow water most every day. Best place this side of Hawaii for your first wave!  Newbies absolutely love the spot. Experienced lay-down surfers who are getting into SUP also get stoked on the minute long rides allowing them to work on nose-riding and board walking maneuvers.   
Sandy and David review SUP basics before session

David Hamby and Sandy Van Camp check out  new Naish surf-specific paddles prior to a sesh at Goulds Inlet on St Simons,

Whitecap SUP banner logo