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May  2011





Monday morning came too soon.  I woke up into thoughts.  It was clear to me that I hadn't put the thoughts there. What wise transformed human being would have planted "those" thoughts?  It was as though they were waiting for me to wake up so they could blast their way into my brain.  I imagine that there have been days like that in your life too.


I wasn't feeling powerful, turned on or eager to bounce out of bed to take on the adventures of the day ahead.  I was listening to thoughts about what wasn't working, and furthermore how I didn't know exactly what to do about it.  The more the thoughts swirled around, the less enthused I was about getting out of bed to face a day that, based on my thinking, wasn't worth getting out of bed for.  I had nothing new and exciting on my calendar that Monday.  In fact, the entire week ahead of me showed little promise.


I probably have to create something new.  Then came the dreaded "yah buts".  Yah but in this mood I'm never going to generate new ideas.  Yah but, I really have no idea where to begin looking for new ideas.  You know the yah buts don't you?  That's the first thing some people say when they are offered a great idea that may eliminate the pain that comes with being blocked.  They listen and then say, "yah but" followed by the reasons they can't do that.


Well, on Monday morning I clearly had caught the "yah but" disease, and I knew that the more I listened (to my thinking that is) I could pretty much count on spiraling downward so far that Monday would be lost. 


Do you recognize any of these "yah buts"?


-        I'm too young

-        I'm too old

-        I'm not powerful enough

-        I don't know enough

-        I don't have the energy

-        I don't have the money



The bottom line of all the yah buts is they are powerful thoughts that seem like real facts - and they keep us from moving forward.  What you are likely saying is "Yah but.  You don't understand Alex.  They "are" facts.   Regardless of our explanation/justification STUCK IS STUCK and it usually doesn't feel good.


Last night I was at a writer's meeting.  There were four writers present and surprise, surprise - each of the writers expressed being stuck.


This morning I received a note from a client I have worked with for several months.  She is now very clear that in order to replace the pain and suffering she's experiencing with possibility and joy, she has some changes to make.  Here's what she wrote.  "I just need to be fully ready for the transformation and - to date- I am still too distracted or simply overtired."  That's an interesting set of "yah buts". 


If you're not stuck now, you likely have been sometime in the past.  That is part of the adventure of living.  It doesn't mean anything negative about you - it merely is a sign that something at that moment is keeping you from moving forward.  And regardless of the explanations, justifications or stories you tell about the circumstances or people who are to blame, I am clear that the culprit is the one that stares back at you when you look into the mirror.  That's really a good thing because to be honest that's the only person that you have any power over. 


And, to be sure, unless what you're really needing is a break, a rest, a time-out and you don't know how to give yourself permission to do that so you invent a block instead - what your heart and soul really calls for is being  turned-on and engaged in this glorious adventure called life.


The next Power Byte will address the issue of taking a break, creating a gap, being still and not taking action when it's the right thing to do.






That Monday morning I called my dear dear friend and associate Nancy.  I needed help.  Nancy reminded me of the things I already knew about what I was here for and the numbers of people that were out there waiting to be contributed to by me.  She reminded me that I was a people person and that with the prospect of waking up on Monday morning and working alone (my preference would be to work with others), it was no wonder I wasn't turned on.  She suggested heading out to Starbuck's to do my work, over a cup of coffee, with other people and with energy around me.  She knew energy around me would turn me on and allow me to create something new.  I listened.  I picked myself up, dusted myself off, packed my gear and away I went.  In no time I was "back in action" and I'm working on the book that began over that cup of coffee. 





One:  Find an environment that is conducive to creation. 



Two:  Meditate

When you are caught up in "stinking thinking" no creation is possible. Deep within you are the ideas, the inspiration, and the insights that will get you unstuck. The thing to do is stop thinking, sit quietly, do nothing, think nothing and meditate.  If you don't know how to meditate google it.  Here is one site of many that may help you.


You may need to meditate for a while (days) before you're able to be still enough to find the answers that will help you to move forward.  That may not be a bad thing.  You may actually require time (a gap) before moving forward.


Three:  Journal


People report that journaling helps them to become clear, to discover new perspectives, become focused and energetic.  Journaling offers a way to move through blocks that come from the beliefs that are holding us captive. 


Some journaling suggestions:


  • Every morning set your clock one-half hour early, get up and write three pages of longhand stream-of-consciousness writing (as recommended by Julia Cameron and Mark Bryan of best selling "The Artist's Way") . 
  •  Write the kind of question whose answer will free you from your block and get you into action.  Let the answer flow through your hand onto the paper. 
  • If you believe in a higher power, ask your higher power the question that is on your mind.  Then write the answer.  Continue the journaling as a conversation between you and your higher power.  You will be amazed at what you discover.

It may take a while until you actually begin to reveal what is deep within.  Don't give up.  Keep at it.



Four:  Helpful Tools


Use Inspirational Cards (such as The Law of Attraction cards or Daily Inspiration cards), angel cards, Doreen Virtue Oracle Cards, Tarot Cards, the IChing, Runes



I have used all of them.  I have recommended them to clients when appropriate. The simplest way is to find a tool that is appealing to you and on awakening before you set out on your adventure for the day - pull a card.  You will be amazed at how "appropriate" the card is to your current situation. 


If you have found a tool that really helps you, please send me an e-mail and let me know about it.   You can e-mail me at


Take a few minutes and go to my blog so that everyone can take advantage of your discoveries.

















The bottom line is when you're stuck it's because your point of view (perspective, thinking, story) isn't consistent with enthusiasm, excitement and action.


Your experience is perfectly correlated to the thinking you're doing.  To get unstuck (and you don't have to get unstuck) change your attitude (perspective, thinking, story).  You can and will when you're ready.  The client I referred to just wasn't ready.





When you're ready - I'm here and there's a good chance one conversation will get you unstuck!!! 


In just one session you will find out things that you didn't know that you didn't know - the knowing of which will give you power you didn't realize you had - the power to get unstuck.








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