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January 2011






I hope you had a glorious holiday - and that before the ball dropped to welcome 2011 you had completed 2010 and were ready for the adventures that the New Year had in store for you.


Some begin a new year with intentions of setting the world on fire, while others creep in gently hoping to rev up before half the year is gone.  I've been in both places (and in places between the two).  I must admit that this year I crept in slowly, trusting I would get "fired up" and in action before February. 


By March many who came in charged up will have lost whatever fire they started with, while others may find they haven't quite gotten into the swing of things yet. New Year's resolutions may be long forgotten, and great visions replaced with "day by day at this petty pace". 


My intention with this Power Byte is to support you in avoiding regrets come December 31st, 2011.  I ask you to remember that this is, as always, the world according to Alex.


This lifetime is really just one growth episode within the larger saga of your soul's development.  Each lifetime has a purpose and a destiny to fulfill.


We may have many lessons to learn before we're ready to do what we came here to do.  The situations that you think are stopping you, things you call set-backs are really just set-ups for you to learn what you have to learn to fulfill your destiny.


"Now" is the perfect time to begin your 2011 adventure. Trust that there are no accidents - that everything is exactly as it should be - and that all there is for you to do is play full out.



Begin by claiming your power.

You have extraordinary potential - more than you can imagine.  You have unique talent that is either being used or just waiting to be used.  If it's being used, use more of it and use it boldly.  Set your goals for 2011 - a few inspiring goals would be great.  Don't include anything that would be nice to accomplish but won't "really" be done (wishful thinking).  Why bother adding them?  You want to experience the satisfaction of completion about the things that matter.  For those. create an action plan, and begin to move forward. 


If you find yourself in a quiet time, and you can't identify your power, that's fine.  You may still wonder what your purpose is and what your real gifts are.  Many of my clients start our work "because" they are unclear about their purpose and are ready to find out and get on with it. 


If that's the case for you,  I'd be honored to be chosen to help you sort that out. Call me and we'll be clear very quickly if I'm the one for you.  I'm not "right" for everyone.


You may choose to discover on your own.  If so, I recommend you look beyond the obvious surface situations and go deeper to what is hidden and more obscure. Sometimes goals can be realized through stillness, introspection, and allowing answers to reveal themselves to you


If introspection sounds right, be sure that you keep your agreements and do what you said you'd do daily.  Just carve out some "you" time - time for self-discovery.  Put this time into your schedule like you would any really important appointment.  Don't take this lightly.  It "is" a really important appointment.


Regardless of how the year began, you have the power to have it end in a brilliant and satisfying way.  The only thing that can get in your way is whether you believe that or not.  I recommend that you believe it.







We've all heard it said that we are what we eat.  In my experience we are what we say we are - we are what we think we are - and our behavior is consistent with who we hold ourselves to be.  If you are saying that you're powerful and effective  you are speaking the truth.  If you're not -  then you're lying.


You can change your life by changing your BS (Belief System).


Consider this belief system:


>I am here to fulfill my destiny

>I believe in myself.

>I have confidence.

>I have high self-esteem.

>I am powerful.

>I can do what I set out to do.

>I am assured of my abilities.

>I have a unique contribution to make.

>I believe that things are as they should be.

>I know there are no set-backs, just set-ups.

>I am ready to take charge of my life.

>I am courageous.

>I can be daring and bold.

>I can and will face my fears.

>I can count on me!!!!



I am reminding you that you're unstoppable.  It's time to feel your power and shine your light.  Even baby eagles need to be pushed out of the nest so that they can do what they came here to do - fly.  Flying is "their" destiny, "their" purpose.  What is yours?


Or is it that you're meant to continue right through 2011 "Day by Day at this Petty Pace?"  I think not.


I would be happy to play the role of "Mother Eagle" and push you from the nest.  I "know" you can fly - and I "know" that you're not meant to be hanging around "waiting" to fly, no matter how many times you have fallen.  Don't quit. Those things that happened weren't set-backs, they were merely set-ups - situations that were presented to you so that you could learn and grow.  


Make 2011 a year that you are thrilled about.




I leave you with this - - -


Remember set backs are really just set-ups.  They are opportunities to grow enough to fulfill your destiny.  


If 2011 is the year for you to take the risk and go for the gold - start by having the courage to call me.  I'm just waiting to push you out of your nest.



Alexandra Marcovitch
Alexandra & Associates
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