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June 2010
This month I was privileged to hear about a single event from two different people.  Of course I thought they were talking about two different events - but soon found out that it was merely two different interpretations of the very same event.  It didn't surprise me.  I have known for a very long time that we each see an event based on our personal set of lenses (our view of the world).


You might think that's ridiculous.  A red chair is a red chair - and you don't care who is looking at it, right?  Wrong!   Facts are facts, right?  Wrong!  Have you ever had someone tell you that their new shirt was red and when you saw it, you were clear that it was orange?


I was leading a seminar with about 100 participants.  I read a very descriptive paragraph about a beautiful cottage in the middle of a forest. I asked the participants if they understood what I had read.  They said they had.  I asked them to write down what they heard.


The results were startling.  Less than 20% recreated what I thought I had read.  The interpretations of 80%, while very interesting, were not at all what I expected.


Each of us heard that paragraph though our own filters. It's valuable to realize that we really do see things based on our background, experience, nature, nurturing - based on all the things that make us unique.  It's fair to express your opinion, but please make sure that you are clear to those who are listening that it's your view of the situation.   And please remember that others may have seen things differently - and nobody's "wrong".


It's also true that "facts are facts".  It's just that most of us present points of view as though they were facts. STRIP AWAY THE POINTS OF VIEW AND YOU'LL FIND VERY FEW FACTS.


Haven't you heard people argue for their view as though they were fighting for the truth?  And they will fight to the death for that "truth", won't they? 


This is a touchy subject (and one that we are advised to avoid).  It's just begging to be included here, so please forgive me if you find this offensive.  It's just my interpretation of what I've observed. 


When I listen to some people who are representing their religions, they speak as though the "know" the truth.   And based on how they present "the truth" other religions would have to be wrong.  I studied world religions, and based on what I learned, all world religions, at their core, are the same.  Why do they sound so different?  Could it be that interpretation is being presented as "truth"?



Remember that most people believe that what they saw happening is "really" what happened.  Know that most people present their perspective as though it were the truth.  Most think that seeing is believing.  I "know" that believing is seeing!


When was the last time you argued for the truth?  I hear it every day around another topic that we are advised never to discuss in public - politics.Wherever I go there seems to be someone loudly speaking "the truth" about what's wrong - or what's right about what the government is doing.  It amazes me how knowledgeable "everyone" is.  THEY KNOW!  And I rarely (if ever) hear anyone saying that they really don't know for sure.  It's merely their opinion. NOBODY IS PRESENTING THE TRUTH.  


Most of us don't record an event like a camera would - frame by frame without bias,  We see through our filters, and add our interpretation to whatever we saw.


Trust me my perspective is merely "The world according to Alex" - and while the world according to me is interesting, wise, often very perceptive - a valuable point of view - I'm clear it's only "The world according to Alex". 


It would be wise to realize that most of your truths are merely The World According to You, and be rigorous about what really are true facts - like gravity.




This is the most unsettling news of all - your story about yourself is not the truth about you either.  It's merely your interpretation.  If that interpretation isn't about how great, amazing, unique and special you are - pick up the phone quickly and call me.    You need a new and empowering point of view about yourself.


If not me, find someone who you'd love to work with. 


You "know" which of your points of view are limiting your success, happiness, and  joy.  Trust me they aren't facts, but you act as though they are - and your future will be determined by those lies.


Knowing is  not enough, we must apply.

 Willing is not enough;  we must do.........
                                                                                                           - Johann Wolfgang Van Goethe
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