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May  2010
Each of us has our own way of seeing things.  We see things based on the kind of observers we are. We have our own unique nature and each of us has been nurtured in a particular way. 
Your view of the world has been determined by all that you brought with you at birth and all that you have experienced since birth. 
It's fair to say then, that you walk into every situation with pre-conceived notions of life and people.  You really do see things through your point of view.  This accounts for the fact that your siblings grew up in the same home as you and somehow they seem to have had a different set of parents.  They saw your parents through a different set of lenses.
Your view of the world determines the conclusions you draw and the actions you take as distinct from what's actually happening.
Some possible world views are:
Life is beautiful                               Life is a privilege
I have to take care of myself        I have to look good
Something's wrong                        People can't be trusted
Life is difficult                                 Life is scary
I am not good enough                    I have to be careful
I love people                                   Nobody loves me
Life is an adventure                       Everything is as it should be
Life is unpredictable                      Life is challenging         
It will all work out                           It's just going to get worse
Are any of these yours?
  • If not, then what is your world view? 
  • Can you see that your view of the world can influence your ability to work well with others?   
  • To play well with others?
  • Is there anything about your world view that would support (or interfere with) your ability to be successful?
  • Can you see that having this world view can impact your future? 
Given your experiences as a child, is there any wonder that you have the view of the world you have? 
You made those world view decisions as a young person observing people and life and you are still operating as though that is the way it is. Is it time to revisit this story you've been telling yourself? 
I lived in the same world as you, but I had different parents and likely grew up at a different time and in a different place. My world view is probably different than yours. 
I believed that people were trustworthy/honest - why wouldn't they be?  It wasn't until I was 50 and met a real "con man" that I confronted a different possibility.  Now, I have a different view of the world.  I still believe that people are inherently trustworthy and honest, however to survive some of them do things that are dishonest.  It's really interesting to look back and be able to see that my view of the world and not the man himself,  determined who he was for me.    
Now you are an adult.  You have the ability to become aware of the perspective that you have about yourself, others and life in general.  You also have the power to change your point of view.  It was a story you made up about life in the first place, and even though it was developed based on your experience as a young person, it "was" just a story. 
>Your stories aren't true.   
>They come from your experiences in life.    
>Your reactions come from your stories.   
>You are the storyteller. 
>Perhaps it's time to tell better stories!!! 
And never forget - if that's so about you - it's also true about "them" regardless of who they may be - your spouse, your child, your friend, your boss, your associate.  They all have their view of the world.  They all see things through their set of lenses. 
You are bumping into people who are all operating out of their stories (background, experiences, conclusions).  DON'T TAKE ANYTHING PERSONALLY. 

This young couple moves to a new town.  When they get off the train, there is an old man sitting in a rocking chair on the platform.  They ask him how long he's lived in the town.  "All my life" he replies.  Then they ask what the people are like in this town. 


Before he answers, he asks them what the people were like where they came from.  "Well, they were awful.  People were selfish and greedy and pretty miserable.  You couldn't trust them and quite honestly, we're glad to be gone." The old man looked at them and said, "Well, you'll find the people in this town to be pretty much the same." 

A couple of weeks later, another young couple arrives by train.  Again, the old man is sitting in his rocking chair.  They approach the old man and ask him how long he's lived in the town. "All my life" he replies.  Then they ask what the people are like in this town. 

Before he answers, he asks them what the people were like where they came from.  "Well, they were wonderful.  We had such good friends.  They were generous and helpful and quite honestly, we're sorry we had to move."

The old man looked at them and said, "Well, you'll find the people in this town to be pretty much the same"


Knowing is  not enough, we must apply.

 Willing is not enough;  we must do.........
                                                                                                           - Johann Wolfgang Van Goethe
If your view of the world is getting in the way of your vision;
If your view of the world stops you from having a vision;
If you are tired of "same old same old" and want something to change;
If you just want to talk about possibility  - don't just think about it, do something.
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