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April 2010
When I asked people what it took for them to trust someone, here are the TOP 10 answers.
1.     I trust someone who does what they say they are going to do when they say they're going to do it - someone who keeps their word.
2.     I trust people who "can" do what they say they'll do or let me know they can't do it.
3.     I trust someone who's integrity is impeccable.
4.     I trust someone until they cheat me or lie to me - and then I never trust them again.
5.     It takes me a long time to trust anyone. 
6.     Basically I don't think people are trustworthy - so I don't trust anyone really.
7.     People have to prove to me that they can be trusted before I trust them.      This begs the question, what do they have to do to prove it?
8.     I trust someone who can be counted on to produce results.  All I care about is results.
9.     I trust someone who can be counted on to stand for me no matter what.
10.  I trust someone who will never say bad things about me - no matter what.
We really don't know what others need to be able to trust us unless we ask them.   
Stop and think about what it takes for you to trust someone - and ask yourself if you have let the people in your life "know" about it.  If not, tell them.  They may have a very different perspective about what is and isn't trustworthy.
Ask them what has to happen for them to trust you.  You may be surprised by their answers. 
When trust breaks down in relationships it's just a matter of time before the relationship is over.  And even though it doesn't make the headlines (as it does in Hollywood, sports and politics) - the results are just as devastating.
When trust breaks down in organizations you can pretty much count on lack of honest communication, ineffective teamwork, poor morale, and a significant reduction in the productivity and performance - reduction in results.  And, forget having breakdthough or extraordinary success.
We have no control over others, but we sure do have power when it comes to ourselves.  And given the cost of lack of trust, the price we pay for being untrustworthy (or being thought of as untrustworty), it is imperative that we learn all we can about not only being trustworthy but about what it takes to trust others.
 "A man who doesn't trust himself can never really trust anyone else."                                                                           - Cardinal de Retz 
 "Self-trust is the first secret of success....the essence of heroism."
                                                                     - Ralph Waldo Emerson
Here are some of the behaviors that inspire trust.    How well are you doing in these areas?
  • I am credible.  I can actually do what I've signed on to do (am capable and have the time) or I negotiate or say no.  Others can depend on me when I accept a request.  I am trustworthy.
  • I admit when I'm wrong and admit errors even if it's uncomfortable for me to do that.  I never place blame on others to avoid consequences and look good.  I can be counted on to take full responsibility.  I am trustworthy.
  • I admit it when I am not qualified to do something.  I don't pretend.  I am trustworthy.
  • When I make a commitmemt, I can be counted on to keep it.  I am trustworthy.
  •  I tell the truth. I say it like it is.  I am honest in my personal and professional life - even when it's difficult to be that way.  I don't beat around the bush, withhold unpleasant informaion, withhold acknowledgement and praise, use language to manipulate others for my benefit.   I am trustworthy.
  •  Others "know" that I won't say something to their face and say something else behind their backs.  I don't gossip.  I'm respectful, dependable, loyal.  I am trustworthy.
"What upsets me is not that you lied to me, but that I can no longer believe you."
                                                                          -Friedrich Nietzche
Having good intentions is not the same as "being" trustworthy.  Intending to produce results and be honest doesn't equal dependability and honesty.  Ask the questions you have to ask to be clear about what you're being asked for.  Tell the truth about your ability to get it done by the date requested even if you would dearly love to just say yes to avoid confrontation.  I promise the upset that occurs and the distrust you create  when you let people down is far more uncomfortable and costly than the discomfort that comes with asking enough questions to become clear and telling the truth about your ability to deliver.

It's not your lack of skill - and not your lack of experience.  It's just that you truly aren't clear about how amazing you are.

It's not that I will be giving you something you don't have - or selling you something you can't live without.  It's just that there is a film (a cover/cloud) over the amazing and powerful person that you are.


Over all these years in the people business,  it has been proven (over and over again) that there is no one - not one -  nobody, that isn't special and doesn't have a unique light all their own that is just waiting to be "turned on".


My role is the "awakener" - yours the "awakened".


Give yourself (and me) three months and I can promise that your investment will be well spent - that you won't regret one moment or one penny spent.  I can promise that you will be delighted to be you.



My only concern is that you don't believe it's possible to be great - and oh how you long to go to sleep at night feeling delighted to be you - at home with you - at peace with the world - and with a smile on your face.


All that it takes is a phone call:


(561-742-2779) or an e-mail



You can rest assured (trust) that you will become very clear if it's your time to awaken - and if I'm the one to partner with.  You have nothing to lose. 


Trust Yourself to Discover What You Don't Already Know - the Discovery of Which Will Transform Your Life Forever.

I'm willing to have you take it one month at a time.  If after a month you don't feel you're getting what you want - then our arrangement will be over. 


It's really quite simple.  All you need to do it take a stand on you - "trust" that I truly can deliver what I'm promising - and "trust" that you are all you ever hoped to be.





Knowing is  not enough, we must apply.

 Willing is not enough;  we must do.........
                                                                                                           - Johann Wolfgang Van Goethe
You're being asked to do something.  It's simple. 
Call 561-742-2779 and ask for Alex.
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