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January 2009
2009 has begun and the United States has a new President who inspires many of us with the hope of a promising, new future.  What he does make abundantly clear, is that while he is committed to making changes in the government and instituting actions that will support the re-emergence of a glorious USA, he can't do it on his own.  He needs all of us to do our parts.  I think he's pretty amazing - powerful, eloquent, intelligent, motivational, visionary, audacious, charming and oh so very handsome.  I expect he will do his job really well.
Well, I think you're pretty amazing too!  Perhaps it's a little more difficult for you to remember just how unique and special you are because you don't have millions of people cheering you on and singing your praises.  
I remember once getting a standing ovation.  WOW.  That gave me fuel to go forward and be the best I could be - for a while anyway. Even now, so many years later, when I'm asked to think about a time in my life that was really joyful, I think of that moment in time. 
This month let me cheer you on and encourage you to give yourself a standing ovation.  If you do, I'll give myself one too. Then we can move into the future, make the changes we need to make, do the jobs we are here to do - and ensure a glorious future for ourselves and those we love.
So what is your job? As far as I can tell, it is to be the best that you can be regardless of what you're doing. That would require you knowing who you really are.
To begin with there is no other human being just like you.  You have been sent here to make the difference that only you can make.  There is no other human being that can make "that" difference.  You have your own values, behaviors, hopes and dreams.  You've had your own set of challenges and if you look back you'll discover that each of your experiences has allowed you to become the unique human being that you are today.  You have already made a difference for many people. Think about it. Also:
  • Think about how much you've accomplished.
  • Think about the obstacles that have been placed in your way.
  • Think about the courage it took to overcome those obstacles.
  • Think about the love you've received and given. 
  • Think about the pain, the joy, the lessons learned.
  • And think about the exciting adventures still to come.  

Now, just stop for one moment and give yourself a standing ovation.  If you're unwilling to stand up - at the very least give yourself a hand.  If I were there with you I'd be standing and clapping.  Bravo!  As I so wisely said before, you are amazing.

"We were not created to be eaten by anxiety, but to walk erect, free, unafraid in a world where there is work to do, truth to seek, love to give and win."
                                                                                    -Joseph Ford Newton, Author


Now that you know just how amazing you are it may be easier to take an honest look at changes you can be making to support yourself and your loved ones.  Whatever the changes, rest assured that you are capable of making them.
"There are two great days in a person's life - the day we are born and the day we discover why."                                                     - William Barclay
If you are clear about your passions that's great.  If you haven't identified your core passions it's difficult to create the fulfilling life you deserve. 

Think about the things that you absolutely love to do, the things that make you feel joyful, the times in your life that were the happiest.  One of the reasons you exist is to fulfill your passion, so now is a wonderful time to become clear about what that is and get on with the business of living it out.

"When you follow your bliss....Doors will open where you would not have thought there would be doors; and where there wouldn't be a door for anyone else."                                                                      - Joseph Campbell 
Let go of your concepts of how your life should be and embrace the way it is.
Surround yourself with the people who will support you in following your dreams.
It may be helpful to remember:
  • Life isn't about what you have, it's about what you have to give.
  • Success isn't measured by what you have accumulated, but rather by the difference you've made for those you have touched.  
  • Life is about learning to love yourself and extending that love to everyone you meet.
  • Put the past in the past in the past where it belongs. 
  • Forgive yourself and your spouse for mistakes you've made and absolve yourself of guilt. 
  • If there are changes to be made right now, make them. 
  • You know what works and what doesn't - so do the things that work. 
  • You don't need another person telling you to cut out buying the things you really don't need. 
  • Don't use credit cards when you don't have cash to buy something. 
If you don't know enough about finances to be able to take care of yourself, find a financial advisor  who will help you create a budget for the present and a plan for the future. 
If you have specific questions about what to do next, find qualified people to give you sound advice. Please please please stop asking people you know who "believe" they know what you should do.  Would you let your friend with pliers pull out your tooth, or would you find a good dentist?
If your industry is in trouble and people are being laid off, examine the competencies that allow you to do your job and begin to explore other endeavors that need your job transferable skills.  Think outside the box and  the industry you're familiar with.  Get creative. Brainstorm with people you trust.  
This may be the perfect time to change course completely.  Your dreams can give you ideas for a new directions.  Can you create a way to make money doing the thing you have always dreamt of doing, to live your passion?  Necessity is often the mother of invention.
If you are in the position to hire a coach, the right one would be the ideal person to support you in re-inventing and marketing yourself boldly and confidently
If that is not appropriate, check out your Workforce Alliance office.  They are there to help you in writing a new resume and finding a new job opportunity.
Re-connect with anyone you know personally and professionally who may be able to help you.  Let them know exactly what you are looking for.
Get out of the house and network with as many people as possible, no matter how uncomfortable that may be.  You will be amazed at what wonderful things can happen if you just put a smile on your face and get out there.  Isolation will not get you to the next great adventure of your life.
Don't let fear stop you from taking risks. 


Alexandra Marcovitch
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