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October 2008
While you can't impact the world economy, you can choose your reactions to those circumstances that are beyond your control.  It's true, that at this time, those things that you have no control over are influencing your financial stability, your business, your job and the lives of your family and friends.  But those things don't have to affect your attitude and your sense of well-being. Those things have nothing to do with how amazing you are and what you have to contribute to others.  You still have you.
I remember how scared I was in 1987.  At that time of a very similar financial crisis, I left the safety of a marriage that wasn't working.  I left with nothing but a commitment to making it on my own, and a stand for a life worth living. I had no savings, the conveniences that I was accustomed to were left behind.  Yet I had a vision. I had a plan.  The circumstances were far from good, but my attitude was wonderful, and that was one of the most creative and joyful times of my life.
If you find yourself stressed out, not sleeping, with feelings of hopelessness and fear, do what you can to change your attitude
Yes, these are trying times.  But there are things that will help you to be strong and positive as you adjust yourself to whatever changes are called for.  Be sure to remember that a person's worth is not determined by the amount of money they have accumulated or the "things" they have.  As soon as you are clear that your value has nothing to do with money, you will be able to free yourself from fear.  The moment you realize how powerful you are, the sooner you will be able to create what you really want.  Change your point of view, change your actions, change your future. 

I made plans too.  My plans included financial freedom and in 2002 I was on my way. Then, while I hadn't planned for this at all, Rochester NY took a financial hit. Xerox, Bausch & Lomb and Kodak laid off hundreds of people within a very short period of time.  The streets were filled with the unemployed, the training business dried up, I was laid off.  Whoops!
The best laid plans of mice and men . . . .
It's important to make plans.  And, it's wise to make plans that are so inspiring and so out there, that you come alive just at the thought of fulfilling them.  A future worth playing for is something to wake up to in the morning. 
      • Create a vision
      • Set goals that will allow you to fulfill your vision
      • Do what you have to do to reach those goals 
Those of us who played Monopoly, played to win.  We wanted to own Boardwalk.  I know I played full out.  I also know that if I didn't win, it didn't mean anything about me.  It was just a game.  (True some played as though it did mean something about them and I remember those people were no fun to play with). 
So create a game and play for your Boardwalk.  More than ever you are being called to use your creativity and create an inspiring vision for the future.   Then, play full out. I promise that if the game is big enough you won't have any time or energy left to get caught up in negative talk and fear.
Just don't be attached to the game or its outcome.
Sometimes change is called for and now is the time for change. 


8 Tips to Boost Your Personal Power

1) Don't
listen to people who tell you "exactly" what to do as if they "know" what you should do.  There is nobody that really knows what needs to be done, and everyone has an opinion. 
2) Don't
save for a rainy day at the cost of enjoying your life now.   Be responsible, but remember that none of us knows how much time we have left.   Don't put off your enjoyment of life.
3) Don't be attached to money, but don't stop attracting it to you.  Sure, it has nothing to do with who you are and your value to others.  True too, there is much that can be done with money that can't be done without it.  

4) Don't forget all the wonderful things that would be available to you if you had unlimited money.  If those things that cost money inspire you, then visualize them, create a vision board with pictures that represent them, set goals, and have your actions be correlated to your vision.  Know that there is money out there and if you want it, go for it.   Money is not the root of all evil, but the LOVE of money is!   Wonderful things can be done with money that can't be done without it.   Just don't be attached to money. 
5) Do
what feels right.  If there are changes that are called for to be fiscally responsible, now is the time to make those changes.   Be willing to trust your intuition.  You are the one that knows what's best for you.
6) Do speak to someone you trust who knows more than you and ask them what they are doing themselves.  If what they say feels right for you, then do the same. 
7) Do invest in yourself.  Investing in the market or in real estate is fine so long as you're prepared for the ups and downs.   When you invest in yourself there is no "down".   The more you expand your awareness of yourself and your knowledge of others, the more learning you do, the more effective you'll be when you take actions to support your vision for the future.

8) Do find ways to give.  Find people to give to.  Give often with love.  The more you give of yourself, your time or money, the more you will receive.  Be generous.  There is so much joy in giving.  


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I Leave You With This...


Scarcity is a function of the mind; so is abundance. 
Human creativity can solve any problem and can find ways to profit along the way. 
If you can block out the negative media and what the masses are thinking and doing - you may be surprised at what you can accomplish.  Sometimes you have to zig, while others zag.
Practical spending isn't as wise as enthusiastic spending.  When you buy something that helps you feel good, you increase your energy vibration, feel better about yourself, and tend to do more things to make more money.
You are responsible for your own well-being, for your happiness and joy.
With a positive attitude there is no better time to
create prosperity (well-being in all areas of your life) than right now.
Re-evaluate your life, and your purpose, and realize what is really important to you.
Create a plan for a future worth living. Have faith in yourself. Take Action and don't be attached to the outcome.
Count your blessings everyday and be grateful for all that you have whether it be a home, car, savings, food on the table, a roof over your head, your family, or a best friend with a shoulder you can lean on during rough times.

News Release


Has Anyone Ever Told You?Many of you know that Bob (my life Partner) and I were in a Seminary for the last two years, and in June we were ordained as Interfaith Ministers. 
We went into the Seminary because we knew that spirituality was a huge part of everyone's life (body, mind, spirit) and many people had become disenchanted with their religions of birth.  In fact religion and spirituality are not the same thing.  Religions were created so that people could find a way to the divine, to source - so they could connect with spirit.  And for many that just hasn't happened.
To support ourselves and others, we are creating the Living Room Interfaith Ministry.  Every second and fourth Thursday of the month - from 7:30 - 9:30 we will be meeting in our living room to celebrate, to explore, to discuss and to connect with the divine, regardless of the path.  (One river, many wells) 
If you are in the area of Boynton Beach, Florida, you are invited to join us.  Please share this with those you know who are longing to connect with the divine.  A notice of our starting date will be sent out very soon.  
And if you are not able to be here with us, please think of a way that you, too, can connect with source.  I can't imagine making the changes that are being called for without the help of a higher power.
G-d bless,

Alexandra Marcovitch
Alexandra & Associates
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