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I am delighted that you are joining me on an exciting adventure:
                               The Development of Personal Power
How to begin this incredible journey?  I thought about this long and hard. There came a moment when I put an end to all that thinking and chose.  I chose to let the words just come out of my hands onto my computer and trust that what you read will be valuable and inspiring to you. 
After working with hundreds of people it is very clear to me that you are unique (there's only one you), you are special (you have unique abilities and special gifts that only you can bring the way that you bring them), and you have all the power you will ever need to accomplish what you are committed to accomplishing.  In fact you are already all that you ever hoped to be.  That's not to say that you have already learned all the things you want to learn or travelled to all the places you want to visit, or experienced all you want to experience.  I am saying that you already "are" all you ever wanted to be.
Perhaps there were times in your life when you were very clear about your value and were happy with being you. And likely there were other times when you were very sure that you weren't good enough and definitely not lovable enough.  How did this very perfect human being get to the point of doubting how amazing he/she was? 
It happened because you are human and from the moment of your precious birth you have been gathering evidence - evidence about yourself and about others.
And each of us has our own way of seeing things.  We see things based on the kind of observers we are, our individual nature and the nurturing we have experienced. That is to say our view of things is determined by what we brought in with us at birth along with what we have observed and personally experienced since birth.
Just observe two young children at play.  I have an adorable 11 month old grandson. Sean is his name.   I've seen videos of him playing with a friend.  There are piles of colorful toys on the floor.  If the other child grabs Sean's toy, he will forcefully do what he has to do to get that toy back. On the other hand, I've seen him take a toy away from his friend, and the friend just picked up a different toy. Even small babies demonstrate distinct behavioral styles.  We will be exploring behavioral styles in a later Power Byte. 
And since they are so very young it's pretty clear that we come into the world with a view of things, and keep adding to that view with each observation and experience.
So it's fair to say that when something happens to you at this point in your life, it's not being seen and interpreted by you with an unbiased perspective.  You will draw conclusions and take actions consistent with your interpretation and that's not good or bad, it just is.  The real problem occurs when you believe that your interpretation about what happened and what it means is a fact - or is true.
Another way of saying this is, you have made decisions about yourself, about others and about life in general based on the stories you have told yourself.
Some of these stories are very empowering - and they help you get what you want.
On the other hand, some of these stories are diminishing, even debilitating.  These stories are no more "true" than the ones that empower.  The important difference is that "they" are the ones that stop you from getting what you want and from living the life you are meant to live.
What's valuable is to become aware of the stories that need rewriting so you are left with the power you need to move forward in the direction you're committed to
You've had many successes in your life. Stop for a moment and remember: 

  • All that you have accomplished.
  • The times you wanted something really badly and got it.
  • The times you have overcome adversity.
  • The times you have shown courage.
  • The people that you have contributed to.
  • The people that contributed to you.
  • The relationships you have that bring you pleasure.

Remember that you are able, capable and powerful.  You have unique abilities, special gifts, and a huge contribution to make to others.  What gets in your way is the stories that you have gathered and the points of view that you believe to be the truth about you.  They aren't true - but you believe they are and your actions are correlated to those beliefs. You can change those actions by changing your point of view.  It's easy.
A new story can be created and the new one can be consistent with just how wonderful you really are.
The moment you realize that you already are what you might be hoping to become and stop struggling to find the "perfect" way to make your difference, it will become clear that all you really have to do is "be you" and a difference will be made.
                             WHO YOU ARE  IS ALIVE AND WELL
                                     JUST  SAY "YES" TO YOU
Next month:  An exercise for making up really empowering stories.


Therapy For The Soul....

Has Anyone Ever Told You?This is my grandson Sean.  He was born on October 15th and welcomed into the world with great joy.  From the moment he was born he has been adored and loved.  Even when he was colicky and fussy, he was lavished with love,  and told how wonderful he was.  He felt so good.  He smelled so sweet.  His plump little toes, his pudgy thighs.  If you have beloved babies in your family you know just what I'm talking about. 
When I get together with cousins who are older than me they still tell me how adorable I "was" with platinum blonde curls and pudgy cheeks and thighs and how they rushed to my house after work to hold me and hug me and looked forward to the times that they could babysit for me.  Imagine! I still have pudgy cheeks and my thighs are even pudgier, but they aren't rushing over to hold me and hug me now.   Okay they're in their 80's and probably aren't rushing anywhere, but still. 
I was wondering if you've been told lately how amazing you were.  I found this great video that I think you'll love.  Please watch it till the end.  My message will be clear. 

 Has Anyone Ever Told You? (Click here)
Recommended Reading
This month I am recommending a book written by Louise Hay entitled The Power is Within You.
In this book Louise shows you that there is no limitation to the power that is within you.  It was written to help people discover their own power and inner wisdom and strengths.  It will help you to get blocks and barriers out of your way.  She surely isn't suggesting that we will never have problems, but does address the tremendous difference that how we react to problems can make. 
"The more you connect to the Power within you, the more you can be free in all areas of your life."
"The thoughts we choose to think are the tools we use to paint the canvas of our lives."
Louise has a section that addresses our acceptance of the early messages that our parents gave us.  She reinforces my view that we can change that self-talk and reprogram old tapes.  She recommends the use of affirmations.
You can buy her book The Power is Within You by going to Hay House.
Other Recommendations
Creative Visualization - Shakti Gawain
Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life - Dr. Wayne W. Dyer
The Age of Miracles - Embracing the New Midlife - Marianne Williamson
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