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September 5, 2008


Whoops - An Error Has Been Made
By way of explanation you are not an afterthought.  This launch was not made in July and we thought to send it to you yesterday.  The letter was composed in July and due to the challenges we had before launching, it only went out on September 4th.  When it first came to my attention the gal that helped me to launch this site said, "Don't worry about this.  It's no big deal.  Mistakes are made."  Well that's accurate, mistakes are made,
But I do have a belief that there are no accidents and things happen for a purpose.  The purpose of this one was to provide an empowering learning experience.
Regarding mistakes:  acknowledge the mistake, apologize when appropriate,  learn from the mistake and then move on.
The learning for me (and perhaps helpful to you too) is that this mistake can be avoided in the future by carefully proof reading.  Had I proofread the letter again yesterday I imagine I would have noticed, and corrected.
Also, you may have fit into one of these four categories - or one that I haven't even mentioned.
  1. You read the launch letter and thought it meant something about you such as you were an afterthought.
  2. You read the launch letter and believed we had made a mistake and it meant something about us.
  3. You read the letter and didn't even notice that it was dated incorrectly.
  4. You read the letter, noticed it was dated incorrectly and it didn't mean anything at all.
If you are in category 1 it may be valuable for you to realize that people act and the acting isn't about you.  It's merely something that they do and has something to do with them. 
If you were in category 2 you may find that you have points of view about what you observe - what you observe always means something to you.  The question is does the meaning give either you or others power?  Are you generous in your judgment?  Are you compassionate in your judgment? 
If you were in category 3 and you think about it, you may realize that you sometimes miss things that are there to be seen because you aren't paying attention.  And while this time it really didn't matter, there are times when it may be costly.  Have you ever bought something without reading the return policy only to find out when you wished to return it that the store had a "no return" policy? I have.  Have you ever arrived at work and wondered how you got there? It surely has happened to me.   This may be a valuable reminder to pay attention and be present. More on being present in a future Power Byte.
If you are in the last category - category 4 - congratulations!  You are enlightened!  Like the Buddha you are in a state of non-attachment - the state where things don't mean anything.  They just are. 
The truth is we often do add meaning to things.  And it's the meaning we give that determines the future.
The question is this -  does the meaning you give things allow for the future you're committed to?
And now it's time to Move On. 
 Alexandra Marcovitch
Alexandra Marcovitch
Alexandra & Associates
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