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New Ultra-compact motorized Cylinders  


RCD Cylinders with 12mm Cross-section


New Ultra-Compact Motorized Cylinder with 12mm Cross-Section and a body length as short as 60mm. Its high-speed performance with maximum acceleration/deceleration of 1 G and maximum speed of 300 mm/s is highly effective in reducing cycle time in a RCD 12mm cylindersvariety of systems.


The Mini Cylinder RCD easily achieves 3-point positioning and acceleration/deceleration rate adjustments, which are difficult to achieve using air cylinders. Push-motion operation similar to that available with air cylinders is also possible, and the force exerted during a push-motion operation is adjustable.


 The Mini Cylinder RCD is small enough to replace compact air cylinders used for short-stroke travel, pressing, hoisting and positioning.

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Dorner Precision Technology for Conveyors


Solutions that are; Flexible, Easy to Select, Acquire, and Fastest to Implement.


Dorner has engineered precision belt and drive technology into the 2200 and 3200 Series conveyors. This offering is the ideal automation solution for product assembly, manufacturing, and packaging processes that require accurate alignment of time and distance.


Precision Move Conveyor

Whether your application is using timing belt technology for a component of a larger system or a complete solution, this offering provides the flexibility needed. Dorner offers a simple yet versatile pallet attachment system, the widest width possible with one belt.

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Electromechanical Safety Switches 

Electro-mechanical safety switches monitor mobile separative protective devices economically and reliably. The portfolio contains the following four product groups: safety position switches, safety hinge switches, safety switches with separate actuator as well as safety locking devices.

SICK Safety Switches This range of variants means the appropriate solutions are available for different applications. In conjunction with sens:Control - safe control solutions, SICK offers ideal complete solutions from a single source.

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Unitronics New Snap-In I/O


More Diversity to Vision Series Integrated PLC+HMI 


The Unitronics Snap-in I/Os are a convenient, affordable way to "snap" your choice of a variety of I/O combinations directly to the back of most  "Vision" series PLC + HMI controllers. Most "Vision" series controllers enable the user to pick and choose from an assortment of Snap-in I/O combinations to fit their specific application needs. Snap-in I/O


A whole system's requirements can be fulfilled with just one "Snap"!


Connecting directly to the back of a  Unitronics PLC+HMI, the new V200-18-E46B  Snap-in module  now supports a total combination of  46 analog and digital inputs and outputs, including: 18 Digital inputs (including 2 shaft encoder inputs), 9 analog inputs, 15 relay outputs, and 2 high-speed digital outputs.


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