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Belt Type Grippers 

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SICK S300 Safety Laser Scanner
Unbeatably Compact and Powerful!


SICK offers the S300 safety laser scanner providing high-end safety at entry level price.  The S300 Laser scanner is used for non-contact monitoring of a freely programmable area.  Ideal for the horizontal and vertical protection of hS300 Safety Laser Scannerazardous areas and areas of access with no separate reflectors required.


  • Extremely compact design
  • Up to 8 switchable protective/warning fields
  • 2m protective field range
  • 270� scan angle

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CCS America 
 CC-ST 1024 controllerA Compact, lightweight controller for LED Lights


The CC-ST-1024 is a special illumination controller that is the size of a sensor amplifier.  It mounts to DIN rail and can be installed in a control panel, alongside the sensor amplifiers inside a device, and in various locations.  The 24Vdc power unit is suited for worksites. 


CC-ST three modes 


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Factory Vision
Factory VisionVisual Factory Provides Real-time Data


The aim of Visual Factory is to provide the whole workforce with the information they need to maximize their productivity, through the sharing of knowledge and information.


The key is to provide information  in a visual way that can be read and understood quickly in a rapidly moving workplace.  LED Andon Boards and LCD Displays present information that is easily accessible to the stakeholders on the plant floor that need it.  The current status of all process and production levels are immediately visible. 

Whether you are implementing a lean manufacturing environment or just looking to improve your plant productivity, providing dynamic statistical information in a timely manner is imperative.  Visual Factory delivers real-time manufacturing visibility and performance management tools to your entire manufacturing team.


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Belt TensioningWhite Paper: Belt Tensioning Methods for Small Package Conveyors


Small package belt conveyors are used for thousands of applications in countless industrial markets. 


Although these conveyors are small and their loads are generally light, they still require preventative maintenance (PM) to ensure proper performance and provide for optimal life.  One important PM procedure that can save money in repair costs and maintain productivity levels is proper belt tensioning.  Improper belt tension can lead to a variety of resource-draining maintenance problems, including: 

  • Poor or inconsistent belt tracking    
  • Over-tensioning, causing poor belt life    
  • Over-tensioning, causing poor bearing life        
  • Under-tensioning, causing belt slippage


This white paper provides an overview of the most commonly used methods for adjusting belt tension on small package conveyors and the primary advantages and disadvantages of each method.
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